Nursing Leadership And Philosophy

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Nursing Leadership and Philosophy

Nursing Leadership and Philosophy


This essay is based on my personal nursing leadership and philosophy. I believe that nursing as a profession has turned over the years. Nursing as a profession is emerging from the Nightingale era. Knowledge of cultural diversity is the key which enable better health practices to the needs of contemporary society, and this is where anthropology lends its support to the hospital. The presence of nurses and other healthcare professionals in hospitals and health centers for people with different characteristics or from other countries or ethnic groups may have a number of issues that health professionals meet in day to day. The nursing profession also requires building of a strong interpersonal relationship with the patient. Understanding and connecting with the feelings and concerns of patients is a skill that is a must for all nurses (Levin, 2009).

It's my perception that leadership in nursing is playing a vital role towards health care. The nursing leadership is more effective as the leaders have the domain knowledge of the process of the work and can effective guide the staff for achieving excellence in work. They can also satisfy the patients regarding their queries and can reduce the reservations regarding care (Kelly, 2009).

Assuming the nursing leadership role, it is my duty to educate patients and nursing staff on the issues faced by patients.

Discussion and Analysis

I believe that I have to develop strong interpersonal skills for the sake of lifelong learning within my professional role of nursing. The nurses are expected to support and cater to the patient's needs. This calls for a great deal of caring, consideration, and communication with the patients, so as to make them realize that they have valid feelings and to help them to overcome those issues. I strongly believe that the development of professional nurses is enhanced by health care delivery in a technologically advanced and continuously evolving society. Reflective, communication, listening, intellectual, observational and professionalism skills are other attributes that are required by a lifelong learner within nursing role. I have to develop effective communication skills to be able to communicate with patients, doctors, and my co- workers in a very fast paced environment (Kelly, 2009). In deliverance of good quality nursing care, communication and interpersonal skills are fundamental factors. It is my vision that awareness of diversity management in nursing profession strengthens the patient's sense of life, allowing them to get closer to the state of normalcy in which they lived before the illness. In the face of intense personal attacks, nurses and psychiatric nurses should try to keep the desire and ability to understand the patient. The issue of crucial importance is the ability to quickly interpret the negative behavior and putting themselves in a situation of the patient (Susan, 2008).

It is my vision that awareness of diversity management will strengthens the patient's sense of life, allowing him to get closer to the state of normalcy in which he lived before the ...
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