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Occupational Health And Safety Practices

Occupational Health And Safety Practices


Importance of organizational health and safety

The health and safety protection is the right of every one and it is the responsibility of every of the employers in the manufacturing and business organization to make sure the protection of the employees' health and safety. Providing a safe and healthy working environment to the employees is the key to success for any business organizations. It is the best way for the employers to retain the valuable staff and to increase the productivity because when the employees feel safe and comfortable with the environment they give their maximum output that ultimately benefits the organizations. Although managing the health and safety measures in the workplace is always costly for the organizations to implement and install but if these measures are not implemented then it is the risk that the any damage to employee can cost severe to the organization.

This is the responsibility of the business owners to ensure all the aspects of the health and safety in the workplaces so that the employees as well as the customers and the public cannot be confronted to any of the problems and difficulties. It is necessary for the organizations especially for the manufacturing organizations to know and understand the occupational health and safety (OH&S) laws and the work health and safety (WHS) laws to be implemented in the working premises to avoid unnecessary costs and damage to workers as well as to the business that may be caused by workplace injury and illness. Compliance with the health and safety measures cab give the organizations the strong base to attain the long term success.

There are moral, legal, and financial reasons are linked to the occupational safety and health (OH&S) practices. The moral is in a way that it shelters and guards the lives and health of the employees. It is legal in a way that the health and safety practices comply with the legal laws of the employee health and safety practices. Providing the medical assistance, sick and rest leaves and providing the cost compensations in case of employee disability is one of the aspects of the occupational health and safety practices.

Australian government OH&S and WHS laws

Like the international standards for organization health and safety practices the Australian government has also established legal laws and codes to implemented by all the manufacturing organizations. These laws and the codes of the safety practices give the useful directions and principles to the business people who have to ensure and to attain the set standards that are required under the OH&S act of the Australian laws. These principles guide the people to identify and to minimize and manage the risks.

Under the OH&S act of the Australian, the business units are responsible to provide the certain elements in the workplaces. These elements include

Providing safe working premises

Providing safe machinery, equipments and tools

Providing safe working systems

Providing and guiding the employees and the workers with the information, instructions, trainings and supervisions

Providing necessary facilities at the ...
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