Peer Review Of Critics Article

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Peer review of critics article

Peer review of critics article


Automotive industry of the country has witnessed comprehensive developed in past several years, however, this revolution is extremity slow. Joseph in his article has tried to identify the reasons of slow pace revolution of the automotive industry. According to the author frequent increase of the oil prices has forced the major automotive companies, to reformulate their production strategies by focusing on reducing the production cost, as that will help them target the mass market in more appropriate manner (White, 2008).

In addition to this, according to the author, majority of the progressive automobile company's initial step towards reduction of production cost is that they are planning to change the structure of their vehicles by changing it to electrical engine as an alternative of normal engine. Auto-mobiles companies are aware of the fact that performance of their cars is entirely dependent on the quality of engine, and its efficiency, but, after reviewing the current media advertisement, recent buzz around the electrical engine has forced the production department of major companies is thinking to launch electrical cars in near future (Sage, 2012).

Moreover, according to this author, revolution in the automobile industry is a dream, and it would take companies decades to transform their normal structure of cars to the structure of electrical cars(White, 2008). It is also a well known fact that with continuous increase in the fuel prices it is becoming difficult for the companies to produce a cost effective car, and provide innovative services to their potential customers, and since the twentieth century companies are observed of implementing various strategies to control their production, and to limit their expenses, but are unable to achieve desired result.

Author in this report has predicted the by 2020, an individual will witness extensive research on the ...
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