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Performance Reviews

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Performance Reviews

Answer 1

I disagree with the above statement because the situation that is being described by Sutton is only achievable in a perfect world. However, people are never honest about giving critical review about their performance and usually act out of social pressure when asked to comment on the performance of a peer. People leave out some important information that they believe can be used against their evaluation in the future (Powell 2009, p3-6). If conversations are adopted as the standard procedure for performing performance evaluation, they are going to suffer from major shortcomings that are described below:

Conversations usually take a longer time to process to perform along with a controlled environment. The respondents and the moderators need to be on the same wavelength regarding the goals of their meeting otherwise the interaction is unlikely to offer any fruitful data that can be used towards evaluating the employee.

The data needs to be processed twice for conducting and finalizing the evaluation. During the conversation, the moderator needs to pay close attention to the relevancy of the responses provided by the interviewee to the established performance analysis system at the company. The responses would be analyzed by using a transcript of the interview.

Conversations are usually conducted with the immediate boss or supervisor. However for evaluating the employee performance within the whole company, it is not possible to conduct conversations with all the supervisors of the related departments. By using social networks, conversations can aid in increasing the frequency with which supervisors can provide suggestions and feedback for improving their subordinate's performance. But, they cannot use conversations to gauge the compliance of an employee performance with the required level for his position.

Conversations cannot be used for promoting or demoting employees. These conversations can help the employee to find ways through which he can improve his performance at the company. However, the purpose of the evaluation analysis is to benchmark the current performance of the employee with the requirements of the job description (Plunkett, p25-9). Therefore, conversations can aid the employee in meeting the criteria of the evaluation period and cannot substitute it.

By using the more traditional 360 feedback approach to performance evaluation with close integration of social media services, the company can achieve a better measure of the employee performance. Moreover, the company can keep animosity regarding the details of the person who is providing the feedback. Therefore, it allows collecting honest and constructive feedback without disturbing the status quo.

Answer 2

The social network performance review is heavily reliant on the use of information system. The employees have to go through a change process in order to achieve the desired increase in their performance that was the primary reason for the management to invest in these systems. However, not everyone is able to adapt to using these IT enabled systems due to their limited knowledge and resourcefulness to learn the correct way of using the new performance analysis system. However, with proper IT training, these people can be ...
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