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Pervasive Healthcare in Smart Environment with Post-Processing of Data


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Motivation and Goals3

Research Questions3

Aims and Objectives3

Time Scale4

Thesis Organization5


Complexities of Healthcare System6

Overview of Healthcare Technology8

Impact of Technology on Healthcare11

Research Conceptual Framework and Theoretical Background13

Theory of Reasoned Action13

Concept of Pervasive Healthcare Technology15

Pervasive Healthcare Technology in Primary Care17

Technological Components in Pervasive Healthcare Technology20

Pervasive Healthcare Approach for Aged Patients23

Relative Advantages for Home Based Aged Patients24

Current State and Challenges for Pervasive Healthcare Technology26

Present Research Intention30




This chapter presents aims at presenting a brief overview about the topic of the research and also highlights the basic purpose and aim of the current research. The chapter starts with the background of the topic of study that familiarizes the reader about the basis upon which the research is based. The chapter moves further by describing the rationale and significance of the study in which the principal investigator illustrates that why the research developed interest to the principal investigator and why there was a need for such study. Finally, the chapter concludes by providing the structure of the remaining thesis, with a brief outline of the thesis flow and the headings included in those chapters. The purpose of this chapter is to provide the reader a brief overview about the research topic and provides the main purpose and aim behind this research study. It comprises of the background of the problem, which provides a brief overview of the topic of the research and the problem.


As technology and medicine combine and techno-medical functions turn out to be technically and economically viable, recognizing the factors that control end user acceptance will become more critical to strategic planning and technological design in healthcare organizations (Krein et al. 2007). Due to current developments in pervasive and ubiquitous technology, the exposure and quality of healthcare have increased noticeably (Varshney, 2009). Union of cellular and broadband communication with pervasive technology devices has resulted in the development of pervasive healthcare. Pervasive healthcare provides healthcare services to anyone at anytime, entertaining the restrictions of place, time and quality. Though, pervasive healthcare does not develop from technology progression alone (Katz & Rice, 2009). The growing attention in pervasive healthcare is also resulted from technology dispersion and increasingly accepted technology imposition.

With sustaining networks and wireless communication becoming conventional more pervasive healthcare function is apparent in hospitals, ...
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