Philosophical Foundations For A Christian Worldview

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Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview

Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview

About the Book

The book Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview is a classic example of how philosophy relates to the modern world especially Christianity. This had made the book very popular as it has discussed the various aspects of philosophy and has associated it with Christianity. This has helped the people to learn more about the religion with a new and a different aspect. It has also helped the people to learn in depth about the philosophy and how it is related to Christianity. The authors have done a great job in ensuring that the people learn about philosophy first and has then helped the readers to relate it to the religion.

The introduction of the book is very appealing and attractive. The readers get an understanding of the different arguments presented in the book (Moreland & Craig, 2003). Methodical presentation of logic and argumentation are the things that the readers are introduced with. The informal, as well as, the formal fallacies are presented, according to which the introduction of philosophy is presented.

The chapter of epistemology has been presented in an effective manner by the authors. They have helped the readers to understand the religious epistemology and have also helped the people to learn more about the concept of skepticism. The concepts of different religions about God and how they are related to philosophy are also discussed in this chapter.

The next chapter is Metaphysics in which the authors talk about dualism, general ontology, life after death, determinism vs. free will and personal identity. The discussion on these aspects is exceptional and has helped the readers to learn a lot about these concepts and has also helped them to know how they relate to Christianity. The explanation provided in this chapter is unmatched and has helped the readers in an effective manner. The association between the religion and these concepts has been very well explained.

The fourth part of the book is about the Philosophy of Science. It has helped the authors to present a number of chapters that introduce the scientific methodology and the views of Christianity on the use of technology in their lives (Moreland & Craig, 2003). The philosophy of time and space has also been very well explained in this chapter and has also helped the readers to understand, as well as, enjoy the book. This chapter can be called the heart of the book as it is the most interesting and holds importance with respect to the religion and technology. The explanation provided by the authors in this chapter is excellent as it clears the little misconceptions about science and religion and how they both relate to each other.

The next section of the book covers the topics related to Ethics. The ethics that are related to Christianity are explained by the authors. These authors have made sure that readers get proper knowledge of what is acceptable in Christianity and what is unacceptable. They should be able ...
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