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Articles Review on the Prayer in Counseling

Articles Review on the Prayer in Counseling

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A very famous article published in the year 2007 concerning prayer in counseling is “Ethics of prayer in counseling” by Weld, Chet, Eriksen, and Karen, and publisher of this article is American Counseling Association. This article talks about spirituality and prayers importance that has grown in the context of counseling. Prayer becomes the spiritual intervention of choice for counseling of Christians. By incorporating prayer in counseling one needs to beware of the controversial aspect that may arise. Hence it is essential to take to consider ethical issue that relates with prayer in counseling. This is what the article discusses at length. This article caters to topics such as the intersection of spiritual interventions, especially prayer, with client welfare, multicultural sensitivity, values, and counter transference.

The authors of this article emphasize all norms and rules that are ethical and bring forth concerns also suggest recommendations in relation to involving prayer in counseling. Counseling is an essential aspect in spirituality that seems to be increasing day by day. As per my research this topic is gaining significance. Professional relating to psychological health in large numbers claims an influence with religion. They also emphasize the worth and value of spirituality to the well being of people. Prayer is as an intervention that is spiritual and Christian counselors use it frequently to which I strongly agree.

This article mentions the fact that even secular practitioners on a daily basis incorporate religion (prayer) into their practical life. There are some secular practitioners who pray for their clients as well as pray for them. It is due to this fact that a vast number of US citizens have strong faith and believe in god, and the impact and power of prayer. There are numerous clients found that prefer discussing prayer in counseling. This statement is quite true as the authors continuously discusses the fact that Christian's clients prefer prayer to be included in counseling because sensitivity to clients' expectations helps build the therapeutic alliance, which in turn contributes to positive outcomes. 

Where prayer in counseling is concerned ethical concern is likely to rise forcefully, a fact I am in agreement. These ethical issues are linked to secular counselor's inability to cater to the client's spiritual needs and what they expect. This occurs as they do not possess adequate knowledge and awareness in relation to religious issues. In this article, types of ...
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