Professional Issues In Education

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Professional Issues in Education

[Name of the institute]Professional Issues in Education


Life is beautiful! In order to increase the beauty and purpose of our lives we adopt different professions in our lives. Different professions have different codes of conduct. On the basis of these codes of conduct different professions adopt and implement the conception of professionalism. Similarly, there is a profession of teaching. Teaching already considered as a noble profession. So, while talking about the professionalism in the profession of teaching one can say that the level of professionalism would be so high. The aim and objective of this paper is also to talk about the professionalism in education and teaching from variegated perspectives.

Debate on Professionalism in Education

Professionalism is the requirement that each and everyone is supposed to embrace no matter in which field an individual works. When it comes to the embracing the concept of professionalism in the profession of teaching then this implies the condition that teachers and instructors have to make an attempt to keep the balance while connecting with the students and projecting an image that is professional. Not only this, but teachers are also have greater ethical concerns as compared to any other profession. They are also supposed to maintain and qualify for the set standards related to their required testing and certification. The three values of professionalism are considered as the nub of the teaching profession. These three professionalism values are as follows (Robson, 2006, 11):




These three professional values of teaching are often considered and defined as closely related. This close association exists because professionals in the teaching profession may have to face the elements of complexity and various situations that are unpredictable. In order to deal with such situations they need to possess handful of knowledge. It is believed that teachers should have autonomy so that they can make their own judgments. So, when they have to make autonomous moves then there is an immense need that they should take their moves or actions with responsibility. In a nutshell, it can be said that collectively teachers need to adopt appropriate professional values (Furlong et al, 2000, 5).


Every profession has its particular knowledge. The development and recognition of this knowledge remains the key to any professionalism. It is said that one of the requirements to adopt professionalism in the field of teaching is that the teacher should have handful of knowledge about the subject he is willing to teach. It is the era of technology. With the advent of technology the ability of teachers to acquire knowledge and information has increased tremendously. When we talk about the knowledge it not only encompasses the knowledge and information of teacher with regard to the subject he is willing to teach but it also involves methodology that is to be used in the teaching. This implies utilization of skills based on the theoretical knowledge. This value of professionalism creates an urge among teachers towards continuous improvement and they try to bring continuous improvement in their ...
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