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Professional Practice Plan

Professional Practice Plan


The development of a professional practice plan is imperative in that it gives a direction for future course of action. In my professional practice plan, I discuss the job occupational area that interests me, the job description and person specification that relates to it, the core competence required to carry out the job. I conduct a personal SWOT analysis to identify the strengths that will help me build a successful career in my chosen field, and the weaknesses that I need to overcome. This calls for development of a personal development plan and a professional CV.

Job occupational area

Marketing has always been the joy of my life, the very sunshine of my existence and my strongest ruling passion. In particular, I am interesting in public relations. Being a sales person working at Soul Dance Clothing, Bangladesh for over four years, I have realized that my education will aid in using my job experience to develop a career as a marketer. I am currently enrolled in City of London College, studying Bsc (Hons.) Business Management. Business management offers diverse fields of majors, but I have electives in marketing - sales management, media management, consumer behaviour and media management.

Previously, I was working for Maha Clothing Bangladesh as a supervisor which really helped to polish my administrative skills. I was in charge of looking after the customer service division, sales records and stock controls. I worked for two years in this position. I also have experience as an Assistant Manager whereby I was handling till, inspecting the quality of food and drinks served and ensuring cleanliness for health and safety.

The best can be achieved when the academic background marked by performance par excellence is supported by relevant job experience. I understand that my current and prior job experiences relate more to sales, but what is marketing without sales? At the end of the day what matters is the bottom line. The crux of all the media planning is to create a positive and a desired image of the clients in the minds of the target audience in order to boast bottom line. Hence, I believe that sales forms the basics of all marketing, advertising and media management. I want to polish my skills that I learned on job and during my academic life. This requires an understanding of what will be required of me as a media marketing manager. This is discussed hereunder.

Job description

A public relations manager is responsible for all activities that relate to media planning both inside and outside the organization. The public relations manager is supposed to perform the following functions:

Public relations strategy and planning

The PR strategy in most companies are designed in sync with the yearly PR plan.however, these are required to be updated by the Public relations manager each month as per the needs and changes in the external or internal environment. The primary objective of the media plan should be to cultivate and strengthen profitable working relationship with all ...
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