Professionalism In The It Industry

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Professionalism in the IT industry


Table of contents


Background of the study3

Aims of the report3

Anticipated audience4


Research design5

Literature search5

Data analysis method5


Critical evaluation of online poll commissioned by JCA6

Critical evaluation National Literacy Trust research (2009)6

Reasons behind poor literacy skills7

Home and family7

Intellectual difficulties8


Learning difficulties8

Behavior issues9




Background of the study

Many researchers have conducted studies which have mentioned that literacy skills and abilities are very essential for children studying in the primary school. The studies have mentioned that it has become necessary for all the students to acquire the adequate knowledge and languages and also to study literature. The studies and researchers have mentioned that the process of learning is very much important and literacy also helps students in learning other subjects. If the literacy levels of students are low, then it also affects the difficulties in the acquisition of other subjects. The studies have stated that literacy is very much important for students and their functioning in the society. It has also been observed that literacy rates helps children in gaining education and career training. It also helps in excelling in jobs, reading newspaper and magazines. The studies have further proved that children having low literacy skills can be very harmful for the learning process. The following report has been complied in order to analyze and examine the various reasons due to which there are low literacy levels in children (Taube, 2004, pp 231)

Aims of the report

The primary aims and objectives of the report are as follows:

Analyze and examine the various reasons of poor literacy levels in children

Critically evaluate the online poll commissioned by JCA.

Critically evaluate the National Literacy Trust research.

Anticipated audience

The anticipated audiences for the following report are the children, LEA consortium and out consultancy team, who wish to set up a social networking sites to improve the communication and literacy skills among children.


Research design

The following study is primarily based on the accumulation of secondary data. The data has been gathered from various kinds if journals, articles and books. With the help of secondary research, various studies from literature, broadcast media and publications will be gathered. In order to comply the order, we would also be adopting qualitative research. The method of qualitative research is more immanent as compared to the quantitative one. The research has applied the various methods of secondary data which has helped the researcher in gathering accurate information (Taube, 1988, pp 9)

Literature search

The publication years and reliability of many studies has been set as the main criteria for the selection and analysis of adequate literature and previous research studies. For the following study, various kinds of public and private libraries have been taken into account and relevant literature related to the various reasons of poor literacy rates has been gathered. For the following study, the researcher has also critically evaluated the online poll commissioned by JCA. Moreover critically analysis of National Literacy Trust research has also been conducted.

Data analysis method

In the following proposed study, in order to ...
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