Project Management

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Project Management

Project Management


Project management is a comprehensive technique and process that is involved in an accurate execution of any project. However it would be pertinent to first understand as to what is a project? A project can be defined as any human activity almost that consists of conducting a non-repetitive task. A project is also defined as a non-permanent process that has a determined specified beginning and an end time, with a number of tasks and budget that is developed for resolution of a fixed objective or goal. It can then be described as a human activity that achieves a determined objective against a particular scale of time.


Project Characteristics

All projects have stakeholders. These comprise of those groups or people that have a direct interest and influence in the running and operations of the project. The project stakeholders would include project sponsors, project owners, project managers, employees, prospective customers and government etc. The project has uniqueness in the sense of what it has to offer. The outcome of any successful project is a unique end, which is the purpose for why the project was undertaken in the first place. Every project also has certain objectives which are meant to be achieved at the culmination of project. One of the most important elements of the project is its resources, which needs to be deployed in order to meet the ends of the project. The quality of project is essential and critical to its success and completion. There is also an element of uncertainty in the project, as it is only time which reveals whether the project will be successful or not.

Project hierarchy

This is the hierarchy of the project that is involved and has a direct interest in the running of the project. The project hierarch consists of project sponsor, project owner, project customer, project manager and project team.

Project Owner

The person for whom the project is being carried out is the project owner. The project owner would be interested in the result of the project and that it is compatible with his or her needs. The project owner has certain responsibilities with regards to the project. These responsibilities include the initiation of the project, appointment of the project manager, approval of project plans and project definitions, monitoring the progress of the project, making sure that the priorities and interests of the project are met. The hierarchy also includes project manager, who has the responsibility of ensuring that the objectives of the project meet successful delivery. The hierarchy also includes project team. The project team is the workforce that is deployed to work towards the successful achievement of the project. The team is allotted individual responsibilities for different parts of the project. The project customers or users are those that will receive the final output upon culmination of the project.

Phases of Project life-cycle

Projects that are on large scale have various phases which it undergoes. These faces occur in a particular sequence. Projects materialise when a sponsor is found or a need for it ...
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