Construction Project Management

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Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management

Introduction to the Task

In this case study, an oil company has come to the construction firm. This oil company is aspiring to relocate from offices in the city centre to a new business park. The oil company proposes the office of 50,000 square feet over two storeys. This office also requires car parking area for 260 cars. This construction project is based on fixed price contract. In order to provide comprehensive and effective construction plan the construction PM will employ effective approaches for providing an effective construction plan.

My role as the Construction PM

There is a great significance of a Project Management (PM) in the construction sector. The construction sector cannot operate effectively without efficient performance and productivity of the PM. The organisational structure of the construction company or any other company is essential for ensuring the growth, longevity and survival of the company in the market place. Companies utilise effective characteristics and operating structures in order to stabilise and strengthen their business in current age of economic recession. The responsibilities and roles of the PM in the construction sector depend on the structure of the company. Successful companies create a structure or hierarchy for defining the responsibilities of the project. PM are accountable to give reporting related to project work assignments, cost control management, project safety matters, development of work summaries, change management, client satisfaction and attention, union related requirements, subcontractor relationships, human resource issues and team building strategies.

There are five operational areas which define my responsibilities and accountabilities as the PM. These five operational areas include pre-construction services support, project administration, acquisitions necessary for the construction project, scheduling and management of project, project close-out and cost control management.

Pre-construction Services Support

Prepare a deliverable plan in relation to bidding practices. Moreover, I will also assist in assessing the performance of the department throughout the plan review. I will be responsible in preparing an initial schedule for the entire construction process.

Project Administration

Manage the contract, communications related to problems and management of project activities will be considered as one of my significant responsibilities. Controlling the document of the entire construction process will also be one of my major responsibilities.

Required Acquisition for Construction Project

Refining the scope and I will identify such items which hold delivery dates which consequently impact the schedule of the construction project. Moreover as the PM I will also be accountable for the purchasing of materials and trades.

Scheduling and Management of Construction

Accountability to understand manpower operations and manage materials applications. Moreover, I will also deal with the building code issues.

Management of Cost Control

Contribute in verifying and managing subcontractor change orders. In addition, I will prepare a draft of cost documents for resolution and submission.

Project Close-Out

Achieve substantial completion of the project in a timely manner. Completion of snag list will also be my basic responsibility. As a result, I will be responsible for submission of maintenance manuals, warranties and recorded drawings.

Estimated Cost of Construction for the Project

The cost estimation of any ...
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