Projected Climate Change

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Projected Climate Change


Climate Change1

Causes for Climate Change1

Natural Causes1

Human Causes2


Effect of Projected Climate Change on Drought3

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Ice Covers4

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Sea Levels5

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Extreme Weather Events5

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Biodiversity6

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Crop Yields7

Effect of Projected Climate Change on Human Health8





Climate Change

Climate is defined as the weather that is experienced for long tenure. The climate of Earth has changed a number of times due to the natural causes. Global climate is affected by both human and natural factors ( Climate change on the other hand is the change in the weather conditions for a longer period of time. This change in the climate is identified through changed in temperature, winds, precipitations and many other factors. The climate of the Earth changes at all times. But the average temperature and the long term state are determined and regulated through the balance of outgoing and incoming energy. Anything that might change the amount of incoming or outgoing energy can result in changing the climate. This may be because of factors that are not part of the climate system; these factors are called climate forcers (

Causes for Climate Change

The factors that can change the climate are of two types. One related to natural processes and the second one related to human activity.

Natural Causes

The climate of Earth is affected by natural factors that from outside of the climate system. These factors may include solar output, the orbit of Earth around the sun and changes in the volcanic activity. The two main factors that have caused the recent changes in the climate are the changes in the radiation of sun and the volcanic activity. These factors affect the incoming energy from the sun and create misbalance in the energy balance f Earth. The volcanic eruptions have short term impact n the climate. The change in the radiation of sun has been one of the most important factors. The impact of greenhouses gases has been more than 10 times as compared to the changes in the output of Sun (

Human Causes

The change in climate can also be though various human activities such as land conversion for agriculture and forestry and the burning of fossil fuels. The human impact on the change in climate has been increasing since the Industrial Revolution. These actions change the surface of Earth and also emit various types of dangerous gases into the atmosphere. These actions have the tendency to affect both incoming and outgoing energy from the Earth. The impact can either be cool or warm. The main product that is released from the burning of fossil fuel is the carbon dioxide. This is a greenhouse gas. The net effect of the human activities has been warming. The main driving force of this warmer temperature is the carbon dioxide and the emission of other gases of greenhouse (

The scientists have projected that the changes in the climate will affect many ...
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