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The link between politics and religion within U.S. is an academic area that is much-studies, specifically obvious in political behavioral and institutional venues like political culture, interest groups, and electoral behavior. The academic area, which has not yet acknowledged considerable concentration, is the impact of workplace spirituality on public administration. Nonetheless, lately, scholars of public administration have started to imitate their counter parts within the world of business through the examination of the spirituality and religion's role in the public work place, particularly with reference to organizational decision making, performance, and ethical behavioral patterns, and the employees' personal spiritual health. This paper explores work place spirituality as a concept of value for contemporary practice of public administration by examining the affect of spirituality and religion in the public administration work place, classifying the religion for utilization in work place, discussing the political and legal influences in the light of the 1st amendment of the constitution, assessing the normative model of religion- spirituality integration, exploring the private sector model of McLennan and Nash's integration model, explaining the inter relationship between spirituality and religion within the public work place, and challenges the administrators and managers in public sector work place in order to take into consideration the constructive role that spirituality and religion could play within the public work place.

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The Influence of Spirituality and Religion in the work place:4

Defining Religion for Utilizing in the Work Place:5

Political and Legal Influences:6

Reviewing a Normative Form of Religion- Spirituality Incorporation:7

Work Place Spirituality and the effectiveness on work (Work Performance):8

McLennan and Nash's Integration Model:8




This paper focuses on the spirituality in a workplace environment. Furthermore, the affects of spirituality and religion as well as the people possessing these abilities in a workplace are mentioned. The utilization of these attributes in an effective manner is shown in the study. The legal and political influences have also been covered in detail. An individual's quality and control of its temperament is shown to be majorly effected by the spirituality in the workplace. The qualities of maintaining composure and controlling the emotions are highlighted in the spiritual people as well. Moreover, the effects of these qualities on the quantitative analysis of an individual's professional career have also been mentioned. The paper also discussed those factors, which have raised skepticism regarding its extensive receptivity and those that have constrained its advancement. The present study identified the theoretical uncertainty within the present literature as the most important restricting component for the encouraging receptivity of work place spirituality and deliberated on its numerous sacred, neutral and secular theoretical dimensions.Research Methods in Public Administration


Over the last few decades, public administration has taken off and put on a number of faces, to post modern democratic pluralism from Weberian style bureaucratic organizations, supporting everything to performance management from gender equity. There are two distinct forms recognized in the research conducted in the Public Administration. These distinct forms tend to be related to each ...
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