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The healthcare organizations all around the world are enduring reorganization. The two health care organizations that filed in the business reports for being reorganized include the Carilion Health System and AAAHC organization.

Reorganization of Carilion Health System

The Carilion Clinic which was previously called the Carilion Health System is a non-profit based organization of health care. The Carilion Clinic operates and owns 8 health acre centers in the western Virginia part. This health care organization also operates the basic clinics for the health care, fellowship and residency programs, health care clubs, laboratories, and some other practice of sub-specialty.

In the year 2006, the management of Carilion warned that the drifts in the Carilion's health care sector endangered to destabilize the financial stand of the organization. In response to this the health care organization of Carilion announced strategies for significant reorganization of the business for the purpose of changing its focus from the hospitals that were in running condition toward the recruitment of more doctors with great number of medical expertise. The main objective for this reorganization was the improved coordination of the health care department and greater emphasis was on the medicinal research and education.

The reorganization plan was created after visiting to several organizations including the Mayo Clinic. The renaming of the Carilion Health System to Carilion clinic was also the part of this reorganization plan. Some local doctors had expressed their concern that the independence of those doctors could be eradicated because of this reorganization and also if the scale or reorganization could not be successful then it could endanger the organization and also the health care quality. The vision of shifting Carilion in the direction of clinical model was leaded by the Ed Murphy, who was the CEO of the Carilion Clinic at that time.

In this reorganization plan for Carilion ...
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