Research Methodology

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Research Methodology

Research Methodology


A thorough research is conducted in order to determine the use of Information Technology in the Healthcare Industry of the United States of America. It is specifically limited to the U.S and shall provide thorough and complete information in regards to the methodology that is used in completing the research as well as the steps that were taken in order to make this method successful.

Research Design

The research uses mixed methodology. It means that both the quantitative as well as qualitative methods of research are employed in this particular study. Additionally, the use of both methods i.e. primary and secondary methods are also done for the collection of data. The primary research deals with the collection of data by the means of surveys and interviews, at the same time the secondary data is taken from the accumulation of secondary data that depends on the established famed and properly recognized researchers. Secondary research is employed for observing the use of Information Technology in the US Healthcare infrastructure. Also, within the research, interviews are used as chief sources of collecting the primary research data (Kvale 1996, p1).


Many incidents of observations were done regarding the field of information technology and the use it is applied within the settings of US Healthcare infrastructure. A team of observers were dispatched in order to gather observational data. Upon the conclusion of the process of observation, they successful returned with concrete and authentic data thereby contributing significantly to the success of the research. The information that was taken showed many reasons why information technology was used in the Healthcare Infrastructure of the U.S.

Data Analysis Method

The existing literature was used in the time when all the important figures and facts were being considered. A thorough evaluation of all the information that was gathered was done taking into account examples and evidences of real life as well. Still, any of the literature which was deemed quite older was rejected and not included in the evaluation and research both. Such figures and facts that were deemed recent enough to help in the illustration and exploration were used. Lastly, the interviews from experienced healthcare professionals were taken and recorded. The target of the research is both females and males with not specification or limitation of income, age but the experience in the industry.

Data Collection Instruments

Semi-structured Interviews

In order to obtain thematic information, a part of the study shall comprise of interview questions that are semi-structured. The application of question would permit the interview part of the research to gather unanticipated and anticipated answers. Within these semi-structured questions, the benefits include confining the responses of sample even when letting them give an answer openly in order to obtain necessary data for the research. The responses of the participants are far easier to evaluate and made available for analysis. This enables the researcher to conduct the interviews with little or no tweaking over and over in order to collect the required data (Harrell, 2009, ...
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