Marketing Methodology Of Global Fashion Brand Aided By Social Media

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Marketing Methodology of Global Fashion Brand Aided by Social Media





Research Model for this Research Study1

Research Approach2

Research Methodology3

Dimension of the Research3



Case Study of Cartier7

Case Study of Nike9

Case Study of BMW10

Case Study of Oscar De La Renta12

Case Study of DKNY13

Case Study of Coach16

Case Study of Gucci17

Case Study of Jimmy Choo18

Case Study of Burberry18

Case Study of Balmain19

Case Study of KLM/Air Baltic/SAS20

Case Study of Marc Jacobs22

Case Study of Victoria's Secret22

Mathematical Model23



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The purpose of this research is to develop a marketing methodology by providing a research roadmap for developing a social media value of luxury brands. The main purpose of the research is to measure the effect of social media in the area of fashion business. The reason of conducting this research is to assess how fashion provides an outlet for self-expression in addition to fulfilling society's traditional requirement to cover our bodies. It welcomes the fundamental human need to belong and identify with others. In addition to this, the research has helped us in finding out that how fashion gives us the freedom to reinvent ourselves and to present the various styles that make each of us unique. This research has identified the online challenges that are faced by the companies in providing social media platform for their luxury brands. This research is aimed to provide the use of social media in innovation of brand as well as to identify that how social media provides the awareness of the brand. For the purpose of providing a successful business model, this research has considered the various cases studies of the existing luxury brands, these cases studies has helped in making a proper marketing strategy for any luxury brand, which wants to have a good profile on social media.


Research Model for this Research Study

For this research study we used case study approach in order to develop a marketing strategy for a global fashion brand. For this purpose we studied many case studies including the case studies of Cartier, Nike, BMW, Oscar De La, Renta, DKNY, Coach, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Balmain, KLM, Marc Jacobs and Victoria's Secret. From these case studies we have got an idea about the marketing of luxury brands by means of social media websites. This research study indicated an increased number of brand consumers. The below figure depicts the research model for this particular research study.

Research Approach

The research approach that has been selected for this research is qualitative; the qualitative approach is the different approach from positivist receptiveness that has guided research from several years. The model supporting the qualitative methodology is known by several names, involving “interpretive,” “postmodern”, “post-positivist,” and “naturalistic”. The qualitative approach is also considered as the naturalistic investigation in which the researcher abstains from controlling or influencing data in any manner. This research must be subject to simply on the qualitative regulations of reliability. In addition to this, there are many ways to conduct the research that is based on the qualitative approach. The reason of adopting the qualitative research for our study ...
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