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To seek a professional Administrative officer position with long-term career potential and opportunity, which helps in creating a positive effect on the community


Team-playerWork well under pressure

Great customer service skillsQuick learner

Excellent interpersonal and communication skillsConfident in self and abilities

Highly Motivated Driven to succeed

Passionate and enthusiasticResults Oriented Professional


ABC Company:

My responsibilities included the following:

Review and approval of accounts payable

Development and management of the Budget

Monitoring costs

Account Reconciliation

Tracking wages twice a week, overview of spending

Coordination Unit of the FC

Data collection and reporting of performance indicators

Management review of legislation

Planning and coordination of the reconstruction of office space

The introduction, recommendations and training

Preparation of reports and presentations

Responding to employees, retired citizens and inquiries received by email, by letter, phone or walk in

In addition to the above, I was responsible for conducting research and analysis of the tasks involved in human resources and other management issues.

XYZ Company:

My responsibilities included the following:

Administrative Assistant

Monitoring of cleaning problems, the company vehicle use

Assigned the responsibility of drivers, even in emergency circumstances to assume the role of driver

Buses transport Agreement

Organized monitoring and cleaning products

Followed up the cleaning and maintenance of hygiene


Masters in Public Administration

Bachelors in Business Administration

Major Courses:

Approaches to Public Administration

Human Rights Commission

Ethics in the Public Service

Public Policy Analysis

Introduction To Public Sector Budgeting

Advanced Public Sector Budgeting


Client Relations

Assisted Clients through the entire buying process. Facilitated the first-time buyers. Identified resources for education, credit repair, and down payment assistance.

Continually maintained rigorous standards of customer service excellence as an Administrative officer dealing with 10,000 Business customers on an annual basis. Followed the guidelines and procedures to ensure good client relations that will benefit the company.

Assisted people by counseling them and helped them to by giving the right advice related to their business. Helping them was a great way to ensure that the customers remained with the business and makes it beneficial.


Responsible for processing and reporting labor hours for staff of 150. Developed tracking spreadsheet to monitor various levels of compensation/fees to be paid to Temporary Agency Partners for temporary staff. Performed month-end reconciliation of purchase orders.

Managing the office related tasks and working in a manner that benefits the organization. Performing the documentation procedure and healing the customers in giving them the information that they require about the services that the company is offering.

Managing the budgeting of the company that helps the company in planning for future. Prepared reports that are helpful for ...
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