Resume And Cover Letter

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Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover Letter

Preface and Overview of the Paper

This paper intends to illustrate a cover letter following a resume relevant to a specific job description given in the assignment instructions. The job description selected for this application essay is of “office manager.” Cover and letter are of great importance in pragmatic field of business communication. These documents are use to illustrate a person's experience, skills, and knowledge related to job description and advertisements. Generally, resume and cover letter are a person's opportunity to evidently communicate to the employer how the person fulfills the job demands (Lesikar, 2005).

Prior a person applies for the job; he or she should answer the following questions:

Can you do the job?

Do you fulfill the demands and requirements defined in the job advertisement?

Are you actually concerned about this job?

What is in this job for you?

Does the job potentially add to the objectives you have decided for your career and life?

What is the work environment in this job?

Does environment of the job fit with your expectations and personal situation? (Rentz & Lentz, 2013).

Cover Letter

9 Examples 8th StreetRedwood City, CA 65221

August 12, 2013

John R. SmithHuman Resources DirectorHopkins & Company, Inc.

2411 Drake Street

San Diego, California 92115


Dear Mr. Smith:

I was eager to explore the position of an “Office Manager” at your organization, on your official website. I am keenly interested to apply for this vacancy as my capabilities, work experience, and education are synchronized with your job requirements. Alongside my BA (Hons) degree and extensive experience of five years with foremost diverse workforce, I am sure in my ability to turn out to be an essential employee of your organization

Currently, I am working as an office manager at (ABC Company) where I manage and supervise over 35 personnel in my unit / department. My basic responsibilities include hiring secretarial workforce, accounts and resource management, and reporting.

With my sturdy managing abilities, strong potential, and great zeal, I would like to have and official meeting with you in person to converse this job position in detail. Please feel free to call me at (contact number) to schedule a time of meeting. To follow-up, I will call your office after a week.

Thanking you in anticipation. I value your time in looking through my application.


Yours Sincerely,




Resume for Office Manager

(Email address)

(Contact number)

Personal Profile

A resourceful, energetic, and dynamic person who is comfy with being the “go to” individual for everything associated with the smooth operations of an organization. Extensively experienced in offering complete administrative, secretarial, managerial support to work with and handle coworkers in a demanding and tough office environment. Having a flexible and proactive approach to managing several various priorities, and capable to work independently and take possession of all factors of a project or job. Currently ( / I am) is seeking for a worthwhile role with forward thinking and an exciting organization that will facilitate him / her to accomplish his true prospective.

Career Objective

Seeking a competitive position with a company that will require me to practice my managerial skills, abilities ...
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