Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Global Distribution Inc. (GDI) has been, selected for a Risk Assessment, focus being on the posture of security of this distribution company. GDI has thousands of accounts they manage across United States, Mexico and Canada and is a public company listed on the NYSE for trading. The company specializes in supply chain management and part of the job description is coordination with warehouse, transportation, staging and the wholesaler along with the relationship with the clients. The report with the assessment of potential risks of the company focuses on the investigation of the posture of security at GDI. Specific systems have been studied and evaluated for vulnerability of the technical system of security and for the assessment of the Information Technology security of the company in general, the architecture of the system and for reviewing of the infrastructures policies. According to the reports, which assessed security risks for the company, various areas of the system are particularly vulnerable, labeled critical, and become high priorities for professionals working in the company who have identified these existing conditions that are a severe threat to the organization.

Don Jacobson the COO of the company hired me, which is why I am to report directly to him. Made responsible for a yearly budget of $7.25 million, 17 employees and an extensive data center its location in the main corporate tower; all shows that this position is the high point of my career. Performing well in this particular position would be the key for getting into a strategic position of leadership in Information Technology, filling the much-needed position in the executive team.

However, Jami Peirce, the CEO of the company believes differently. She believes that the Information Technology program is a common quantity and that the function of IT is the type that it can almost entirely be outsourced. According to her research, the execution of this can be at fractions of the total cost utilized for the maintenance and creation of an established IT department present internally (Axelrod, C. 2004). Her strategy is prevention of the department of IT from becoming core proficiency, as there are so many services, which are easily obtainable from third parties.

Identify the Organizational Assets

Global Distribution Inc. (GDI) has employed over 3,200 employees and experienced continuous growth keeping up with the averages S & P, which is approximately 8 percent, for the past six years. A well-planned and managed strategy has raised the operational performances through the innovations of automation and technological, propelling the company into the big high up leagues. Recently Global Distribution Inc. profiled in the highest ranked magazine in the market, the Fortune Magazine. Under my responsibility are the organizations most securing assets. The corporate Wide Area Network has 81 remotes warehouse facilities and these facilities further interconnected with the central data processor. The information transmits from the supplier to the customer through a FTP server, which is located in the DMZ, folders encrypted and a copy made through automated form of replication onto ...
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