Roles Of The Courtroom

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Roles of the courtroom

Roles of the courtroom

Courtroom work group

The Courtroom Work group consist on teams who work mutually to effectively prosecute Cases of Criminal Court. Here, work prosecute refers to processing a cases that leads into the logical conclusion (Schmalleger, 2011). In Courtroom work group, both men and women work hard to completing trails. However, judges, justices, defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, public defenders, court clerks and court recorders are others individuals who play their important role in prosecution of case. Daily courtroom work group interact

As discussed above, different professionals includes in Courtroom Work Group dedicated for successful case trial completion. However, each member involved in group must follow the strict codes, rules and ethics that adherence to the law and practices. At level of state, majority of cases restrict on few judges and attorney, so there is a chance of development of professional and personnel relationship among them (Schmalleger, 2011). From this view point, each member informed to avoid personal relations and follow court standard for trial execution.

Changes recommendation to Courtroom Work Group

There are couple of changes I would recommend for Courtroom Work Group practices. First, as we know that group are bases on different participants for criminal cases trial. I would suggest that these participants perform their role more effective when they categorize in two: professionals and outsiders. A professional participant includes (Judge, justice, public defenders, prosecuting attorney, public attorney and defense attorney and court reporters). Most people considered that all action of cases takes place after starts of trail but it is not true for type of proceedings. Secondly, when majority offenders enter towards a guilty plea to comply with prosecutors. In such case, I would recommend that court need to acquire more security for the violent offenders. I recent times offender we have seen that offenders have taken a control over deputy and shoot cases in courtroom also become major issue. This is needed to be prevented through input of more security and not stand so close to offenders are couple of recommendations.

Role of the prosecutor

In court system, Prosecutor plays more significance role as it represents for the citizens rights. This is considered as because charge of criminals pursues an effort to security and safety of public. As a role of prosecutor, person is fully responsible for presenting the case of people against defendant and performed in such way that ...
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