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How Does Self Assessments Foster Effective Teachers?

How Does Self Assessments Foster Effective Teachers?


There are three major areas of knowledge that require constant updating: the medicine, the computer and teaching. However, paradoxically, one of the areas of greatest strength has been submitted to change, is for education (Rebecca, 2009). In this regard, Battro Antonio states that if a doctor of the last century could wake up to this time in the middle of an operating room, it would be impossible for him to perform a surgery because he would be astounded by the presence of instruments entirely unknown to him. In contrast, if a teacher awakened after a hundred years in a classroom today, be in general terms similar to those of a hundred years and may continue his teachings without major complications (Rebecca, 2009).

This example also suggests what is happening today in the field of education and information technology among teachers from countries in development and those who revolutionized education since the birth of the Internet, because if a teacher is planted in a classroom of a university of the first world, would be unmoved by the multiplicity of ways that teachers deal with daily as a resource to improve their teaching and better results in the process of teaching - learning (Rebecca, 2009). Here would be worth asking if "teaching me" I am a day in the academic use of technological means (Rebecca, 2009).

Now, the starting point of any process of teaching and learning, you must start with a self-assessment practices within each teacher has now, in regard to knowledge about the issues that dominates, as the methods, strategies and means of assessment used (Chun, 2010). Similarly, the reflection is used as the ideal means for the teacher to find the motivation needed to learn continuously, that is, to upgrade (Effie, 2007). However, starting with an honest reflection of their professional duties, although it seems simple recipe is the most difficult to achieve, since the teacher as a human being has to take a series of attitudes personal without which no self-assessment process will yield off (Effie, 2007).

In this regard, it should be noted that the updating of teachers in service has long been understood as a process to address the skills gap that teachers had, which Perrenoud conceived as "areas of opportunity" (Earl, Lorna, 2003). For this, the strategy to follow was to opt for mass courses; they do not achieve the expected results because the proposed theme in each of them did not cover the interests of all staff in training (Olina, Howard, 2002).

Currently, a new vision leads to conceive the update as a process of learning throughout life, in which the teacher is assumed to be the leading man of the educational reform focusing the interest on your attitude, as this will result in review of the wealth of individual knowledge, thereby establishing a balance of skills allowing you to accept and work for the changes required to transform their own practice (Ho, ...
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