Share Jesus Without Fear By William Fay

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Share Jesus without Fear by William Fay

Share Jesus without Fear by William Fay

Author Information

William 'Bill' Fay is a nationally renowned evangelist who has written many books on contemporary evangelism. Seen as a modern day Paul, his criticism of Christians resulted in a saved soul and a converted character. Prior to his spiritual conversion, William Fay was the antithesis of an evangelist. He was the executive of an international mega-corporation, conducted business with the mafia, all while owning one of the largest brothels in the United States called Fantasy Island. When his brothel house was raided, he faced imprisonment for several years until God's grace made an appearance in a small church in Colorado and Fay gave his life to Christ. Fay's fate was reversed and he left court as a free man and has been on the “gospel plow” ever since.

Fay, a graduate of Denver Seminary, credits Gordon Lewis for giving him a firm foundation in God's sovereign work. Fay served as the senior pastor of a church for many years until he went into full-time evangelism. He speaks on the radio and all over the world encouraging believers to share their faith confidently with others.

He is presently on his fourth marriage, three of which occurred before his understanding of the sanctity of marriage. After accepting Jesus, his life was transformed for God's Kingdom. Today, he travels around the world, teaching and equipping Christians to be successful evangelists.

Content Summary

Share Jesus Without Fear is a comprehensive attempt to guide Christians in effective sharing of the gospel by presenting God's vision for evangelism, plan of salvation, and technique for starting conversations and overcoming objections. The book which contains eleven chapters and five appendices begins with a short description of Fay's risqué lifestyle and its abrupt ending which leads him to Christ. He emphasizes the importance of evangelistic success not being embedded in an individual brought to the point of conversion, but simply sharing and waiting for God to complete the work. Fay then presents his concept of the “Sin of Silence” which include statistics and information about how most arrive at salvation. According to Fay, only ten to fifteen percent of people come to Christ through an event and unfortunately only five percent of Christians share their faith with others.

This concept serves as his foundation for silence being a sin. He points out the need for Christians to participate in an active lifestyle of evangelism, but reveals the reason for such apprehension or fear. Fay introduces his “share Jesus” system starting with deciphering questions regarding the Spirit's activity in the person. The main question of focus is,” If what you believe is not true, would you want to know?” Fay believes question five is the queue for scriptural usage. In his opinion, the scriptures will convince and the Spirit will convict. He then argues that it is not the work of the witness, but the witness' job is to merely turn the ...
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