Solar System

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Solar System

The Formation of Solar System


The study aims at investigating the formation of the solar system. Solar system came under the category of geology. It was identified that earth lies in one part of the universe and the part in which earth lies is called the solar system. Solar system deals with the sun, earth and number of planets. It is necessary for the study of the solar system to understand it orbits. Solar system is the sun gravitational field. It deals with the sun and the planets. The sun exists in between the stars, and it is just like a milky way. In the approaches of the solar system planets plays a major role. Various planets discussed in the paper as there are inner and outer planets in the solar system. The inner planet of the solar system is Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. As the inner planets are large and they have gases and their atmosphere conflicts with one another. The planets are revolved around the sun. The outer planet includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Now it was debatable that Pluto should be counted in outer planet or not as Pluto is one of the smallest planets and cannot compete with other planets. These planets have their own importance and existence in the solar system. All of these are different from each other. Some have gases in it. Other have cold atmosphere. Some have hot atmosphere. They have their own satellites issues. Five planets can be seen from earth. Mercury is seen when sun rises and sun set. The sun lies in the solar system. In the solar system, the sun is the bigger than other planets inside the solar system. This study aims at the formation of the solar system and its relation with the planets. The role of planets and the importance of all the planets came under the consideration.

The Formation of Solar System4



Formation of Solar System5

Origin of Solar System5

Dynamics of Solar System6

Approaches of Solar System6

The inner Planets7

The Outer Planets8


The Formation of Solar System


Science is to understand the universe and search about knowledge. In science people do the work and follow other work. As they proceed other investigations and search regarding the theories of science. Solar system came in the science of geology. The theories of Newton are acceptable and highly appreciable in recent times also. Newton theories are acceptable to those who understand and interpret it well. They focus on nature, moon, earth and sun. Newton has discovered the law of gravity. When the ting goes up it will definitely comes down. Newton gravity explains the distant solar system (Woolfson, 2007).

Solar system is defined as items that are the rule by sun's gravitational field. In the solar system, the radiation and pressure of interaction with the wind are the focus of attention. The first thing is that is a negligible fraction of the mass of the sun. The solar system is empty within the planet, and it covers a distance from one ...
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