South East Queens Land Coastline

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South East Queens Land Coastline

South East Queens Land Coastline


This paper intends to explore the geographic area of south east queens land coastline. The primary focus of this paper is on its conditions, both physical and human influences that formed this area. Further, it also demonstrates the features of the coastal area and understanding of what really impacts the formation.

South East Queensland is the sixth sub-national entity in the world's largest (List of country subdivisions largest by area),


Queensland is a state located in the northeast of Australia . Is the second of Australia's largest state area, and the third most populous. Capital Brisbane . Of the most famous regions Gold Coast , Sunshine ESA . Nicknamed the state much as the mandate of the sun (Sunshine State) because it enjoys a warm climate, and a huge portion of which is located in the equator.

At the end of 2005 the number of the state's population of four million people. Queensland is the fastest growing states in Australia Scania, where it is moving about 1,500 people a week. The state was a British colony , has been separated from the state of New South Wales in 1859 .

Dominated by the coast of Queensland, so it is not surprising that it is a place that is most attracted by the tourists. It has got some wonderful natural attractions , for example, the lush rainforests and Great Barrier Reef. In the inland region there is the "Great Dividing Range" mountain and wide range of heights along many parts of the flat fertile agricultural land that stretches to the west. Then comes the remote, arid region, which expires at the beginning of the Northern Territory . There is also in the " Gulf Country "peninsula" Cape York "in the far north of many vast uninhabited areas infested very large numbers of dry riverbeds, which can be overflowing rivers in the rainy season.

There are many natural beauty tourist spots in Queensland, such as, the Gold Coast and the Sunlight Coast further, there are many famous beaches in the same region, such as Bunya Mountains at National Park Bunya Mountains and the wide variety of Division with numerous monitoring, picnic spots and waterfalls; Gorge Carnarvon Pentecost Islands at National Park islands of Pentecost and Hinchinbrook Island.

This is one of the areas that one must visit. It is only 40 minutes from the Gold Coast and fifty minutes south of the city of Brisbane and you arrive at a small village 125 years known as Kanongra. Stop the game great for walking around fast, very wide visit not only be "tourist information center" where we discovered that beautiful wildlife area, and great scenery but wine boutique walked more! Yes 2 very close in Washington (Reuters) grape and wine estate set on 50 acres has the most delicious white wines and Liverpool. What's surprising here in the Australian bush!! We also discovered local olive trees, nuts Makadaemia lot and a local cheese factory known as "cheese witch ...
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