Sporting And Socialization

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Sporting and Socialization

My Sporting Biography Into and Through Sport - Critical Reflections


In our daily lives sports serves as the daily ingredient, which is essential for our body's growth. Sports can be regarded as all kind of competitive physical activity that helps in maintaining our physical and mental fitness through active participation. All around the world people indulge themselves in different kind of sports either casually or professionally. There are different genres of sports in which different games fall. Some of the most commonly played sports include athletic sports, combat sports, disabled sports, electronic sports, mind sports, etc. In all these categories there are numerous other games. Participating in sporting activities help an individual to have healthier growth in the life.

As far as the benefits of sports are concerned, it provides physical fitness as our bodies become used too of some stress, which is essential for the physical fitness. Children's should be encouraged from earlier stages in life to participate in sports as while playing a person is involved in different kind of activities like running, stretching, and moving. A combination of these activities makes our body active. Moreover it helps in learning efficient and effective skills. Sports is not merely a waste of time but very helpful in providing a prosperous growth of an individual. We can learn a variety of skills by playing sports, for example a sport which involves hitting something on target help to increase the focus. Similarly there are various physical benefits that can be attributed to sports.

Almost each and every sports need participation of a group or a team, which helps an individual in socializing with other people. Just like our schooling and other day to day activities, indulging in sports help in interacting with different people. This reduces the stress level and increases the productivity. Moreover to that there are countless benefits that a person can attain from socializing and playing sports.

Almost every country has a list of sporting activities in which its residents contribute casually or professionally. United Kingdom has the privilege of introducing some of the most recognized sports in the world. This list includes association football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, squash, badminton, hockey, boxing, snooker, and billiards. All these sports are played internationally and are widely followed.


In my life so far, I have indulged my self in various sporting activities. Since my childhood, I always had in admiration for the sports. The environment which surrounded me was very much into sports. My parents never discouraged me to participate in any kind of sports and never did my teachers. That did not mean that I was a weak student, I was a good student as well for which I consider participation in sports played a key role. It is a misconception that sports becomes a hurdle for a person while studying. I never find it that way and always think that my physical and mental skills developed while taking part in events related to sports in school and ...
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