Supervision And Leadership


Supervision and Leadership

Supervision and Leadership

Leadership is a process to influence the people to achieve an assigned target and the leader is the one who motivates the people to achieve the targets. A leader can be a leader because of his natural ability or he might either learn, acquire or might be forced to become a leader. There are different types of leaders in different walks of life but a leader in the police system is a one who influences the people to achieve the objective of a task, department or the overall mission of the system. A manager only has to plan, execute and control but the leader has to go beyond this and he not only has to have a vision, but he also has to direct the people, be creative and be an initiator who always does the right thing. Different leaders have different traits and different personalities because of which they lead in different ways (Friedman, 2003).

Recommendations for Leadership Development Activities

To become an effective leader, the leader must first of all have a vision.

The leader should be creative and innovative and so he must come up with new ways to enhance efficiency in the business operations.

Leader must share the knowledge with the employees and must also be trustworthy and humble.

He should also act as a spokesperson for the organization, be a coach and a team builder as well as a team player.

It is highly essential for the leader should be self-confident.

The leader should be emotionally stable, he should have some sense of humor, he should be assertive and should express himself loyally.

If a leader in an organization possesses all these qualities, he would be able to conduct leadership development activities in the organization. Besides all these qualities, the organizational targets that have designed must be specific, measurable, and attainable, results oriented and time bounded.

Mostly, the police supervisors work in towns or cities and work in areas which are specialized. However, in the towns which are small, the deputies are responsible for responding for any problem or crime that takes place. The opportunities with regards to advancement that the officers get is high, however, this is also determined on the basis of the department they are serving in. although they help the people and save their lives, the career is very stressful and this is also dependent on the type of job the police officer is given. With regards to the skills, the police officers may be promoted and this is the way their career advances.The job of a police supervisor is extremely stressful, and therefore, it is essential for them to have proper mental and physical health. For this purpose, they need to take care of their health to make sure that they fulfill the requirements of becoming a police officer. Mentally, a police officer needs to be strong in order to handle all kinds of emergencies that occur. Similarly, they also need to have a strong and energetic body which can work for long hours (Giuliani, 2007)...
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