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Supporting learning activities and assessment for learning

Supporting learning activities and assessment for learning

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Contribution of learning support practitioner to planning, delivery and the review of learning activities

Learning support practitioners do not only play their part in assisting and facilitating the learners in acquiring information and education, but they also make sure that the learners enjoy the learning process and get an understanding of the various factors being discussed in class. The job of learning support practitioners is not only demanding and challenging, but also requires them to make sure that the various aspects of learning and teaching are accomplished. The learning support practitioners basically work with the person who is leading teaching and they are responsible for the provision of learning support to various individuals or groups. In addition, they also tend to support independent and self-determined learning, thus causing an increase in the standard and rate of literacy.

The learning support practitioners assist the learning leader in planning and making judgment about the course and the schedule, thus assisting him in deciding the flow of events and happenings (Bentham and Hutchins, 2006, Pp: 68). This implies that the learning support practitioners assist the learning leaders in deciding the methods in which various lessons would be delivered and at the same time, they also highlight the factors and lessons that would be included in the particular course and specific module. In order to accomplish the task, the learning support practitioners get a deep understanding of the particular requirements of learners and their learning abilities, thus making sure that the course is in accordance with their caliber and intellectual level.

Apart from planning, the learning support practitioners also assist the learning leaders in delivering the lectures to the learners. As mentioned earlier, these practitioners are responsible for ensuring that the learners understand lessons properly and are also able to comprehend with them, thus they make efforts to make learning fun for children. The learning support practitioners take out various points and facts that are learners can relate to, thus assisting the learning leaders in delivering the lessons properly.

After the delivery process is completed, the learning support practitioners get a review of the learning process and also take feedback from the learners to make sure that the procedure has been completed successfully and in the right manner. The review does not only assist the learning leader in getting an idea about the outcomes of results but also assists the teaching team in making future plans about the learning and teaching plan.

Personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the support learning activities and their impact on the provision of support

Although there are certain requirements and qualifications for being learning support practitioners, the personal strengths and weaknesses of the practitioners play an integral part in assisting or hindering the process of assisting education. In my case, my major strengths include the ability to listen to other's opinion carefully and in a calm manner and at the same time, I do not ...
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