Survey Of Joshua

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Survey of Joshua

Survey of Joshua

True or False Did you read the entire book of Joshua for the taking of this course?


True or False The people of Jericho were in full understanding of the events that happened in the Red Sea?


Define the following words:

A.) Be strong

God called Joshua to work but to be God himself and is the factor by which the. We realize that we are with God in which it is hidden the real leader of the battle is not afraid of the forces of darkness; they are not mollified by us, but the leader himself divine. So says God does not leave you or Ohof. God wants his servants to be filled with hope and trust it.

B.) Be of good courage.

Be courageous; be strong, for thou shall divide by lot to the people of this land, for which I swore to their fathers, that I would deliver it to them. Be of good courage, therefore, and be very brave to keep and to do everything right. Caleb and Joshua, forming the minority, encouraged people to trust in the Lord and not fear to Canaan.

Define the word meditation and give scripture references to support the definition.

In Western culture the term "meditation" refers to acts of thinking, planning, deliberation or reflection. The Western definition, however, does not reflect the essence of the Eastern idea of meditating. In the eastern tradition meditation is a process by which achieved "enlightenment." This is a process of growth, giving people a new experience in the intellectual, philosophical, and, most importantly, in the existential sphere.

Scripture References

Some of the earliest written sources on meditation, go back to the old Indian customs and belong to about 1500 BC These sources include religious scriptures known as the Vedas, which addresses the meditative traditions of ancient India.

In the sixth century BC began to develop various forms of meditation - China Taoist, Buddhist in India, even the Greeks were engaged in meditation.

The first Christians began to use meditation, were hermits who lived in the Egyptian deserts in the fourth century AD. Their practice of meditation in their own terms is reminiscent of traditional Hindu and Buddhist meditation.

In the 11th and 12th centuries AD Zen form of meditation called "zazen," has spread in Japan. Finally, in the 60s of this century, a wave swept the U.S. practice of meditation in the form of representing the Western version of the Hindu tradition. She was brought to this country by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and received the name "Transcendental Meditation" (TM).

Define confession.

A Christian must confess his sins to God, not men. The sins can be forgiven by any man and no man can serve as a mediator between God and humanity. God's Word tells us there is, in fact, times when people must confess their sins to the other - and this in part for the servants of God can pray for each other, (James 5: 16) . However, there is a difference between asking forgiveness ...
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