Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy


In the context of the contemporary global social environment, the dilemma of responsible and efficient usage of energy sources has become highly significant. In the traditional perspective the environment related factors were generally considered on a secondary basis, and the majority of the nations in the world proceeded to expand their energy related ambitions. In this scenario the dilemmas related to the environment cased by the irresponsible use of the limited global reserves were not considered realistic or short term factors. The primary reason for this development can be attributed to the limited extent of technological tools that were present in the previous era, due to which the global environmental regulatory authorities could not effectively detect the relevant negative impacts (Gross et Al, 2005, pp. 2125). The technological advancements in the recent era along with the globalization factors have helped the modern global society to adequately address the environmental issues. Numerous credible scientific researchers have shown that the negative impact of the irresponsible usage of the limited global energy resources have a very negative impact on the global society. Contrary to the initial belief these negative changes occur on a short term basis, and are impacting the current global ecosystem.


The various forms of pollutions that have increased drastically in the current era of mass production and industrial growth, have expedited the process of global warming. The overall increase in the temperatures has caused the global ice bergs to melt and effectively increases the sea levels. This phenomenon can become a highly dangerous factor for the global community, as this process is occurring at a very rapid pace. If these issues are not addressed on timely basis; the relevant increase in the global sea level can lead to dangerous floods and other natural disasters, causing several adversities in the densely populated region of the modern day global society (Jacobsson, & Bergek, 2004, pp. 836). The melting of the ice bergs is not the only dilemma caused by the process of global warming, and the scientists are still critically analyzing the overall impact of this process on the holistic global ecosystem.

The most positive reaction on the global community in the face of this environmental adversity has been the increase in the environmental awareness levels of the global population. The developed nations such as the UK have realized that they have to lead the positive environmental changes, so as to halt the process of pollution and depleting the natural global resources. One of the most important factors in this initiative has to be the development of more effective and efficient forms of energy sources and the sustainable solutions. The global community cannot afford to continue its current entry related outlook, which results in negative environmental consequences.

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