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Research Papers on Aeronautics

Universities teaching aeronautics require students to write research papers for almost all subjects. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its research papers on aeronautics to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Aeronautics students from all around the world access these research papers to gather quality secondary data.

Who Is Required To Use Flight Data Recorders, "black Boxes?"
Who is required to use flight data recorders, "Black Boxes?" Who is required to use flight data recorders, "Black Boxes?" Introduction A FDR i.e. flight data recorder or ADR i.e. Accident Data recorder popularly known as the black box is a combination of two devices packed in a box. The first is ...
An Overview Of Human Factor Considerations Of Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
An Overview of Human Factor Considerations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Unmanned Aerial vehicles Table of Contents Abstract3 Introduction4 Discussion5 A Brief History of UAVs/UASs6 Human Factor Considerations7 Level of Automation12 Endurance16 Sensing Capabilities18 Robustness of Communication Systems20 Different Applications of UAVs21 Remote sensing21 Transport21 Military Attacks22 Scientific Research22 Surveillance22 Hydrocarbon Exploration23 Search and Rescue23 Fire Detection and Fighting24 Licenses/Personal Training In the Future for UAV/UAS Pilots24 Sharing of Airspace between ...
History And Development Of Boeing 737
History and Development of Boeing 737 Abstract The paper discuss about the historical development of the commercial jet Boeing 737. As Boeing is one of the biggest US exporters, with expanding incomes of $28.5 billion in 2006, a 33% development initiated by improvements in the output. The Boeing 737 (pronounced "seven-three-seven") ...
Aerodynamics Of Military Fighter Jets
Aerodynamics of Military Fighter Jets Aerodynamics of Military Fighter Jets Introduction Aerodynamics is the part of physics that studies the effects of air and gases on the movement of solids the aerodynamics describes the behavior of a body moving in the air and its resistance to progress. A streamlined body offers little ...
Navajo Indians
Navajo Indians Navajo Indians Introduction The Navajo are indigenous nation U.S. largest, has about 298,000 for individuals. They live in the Southwestern United States spread across the states of Arizona , New Mexico , Utah and Colorado , along with 37 Navajos living in Chihuahua and Sonora , northern Mexico . Navajo ...
Rotorcraft Operations
Rotorcraft Operations Rotorcraft Operations Overview of the Helicopters A helicopter rises by the same principle by which an aircraft takes off: The movement of an airfoil or airfoil through the air. The wing of an airplane is an airfoil moving through the air with a forward movement. The blade of helicopter rotor airfoils ...
United States Immigration Policy
UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION POLICY Should the United States have a more Stringent Immigration Policy? Should the United States have a more Stringent Immigration Policy? Recent debates about United States immigration law have taken as self-evident that immigration restrictions are beneficial policy, with the only question being which level of authorities should impose ...
Video Cameras In The Flight Deck Of Airplanes
Video Cameras in the Flight Deck of Airplanes Video Cameras in the Flight Deck of Airplanes Introduction Airline accidents today, like the recent American Airlines crash in Queens, N.Y., can puzzle safety experts. They struggle for months, even years, often unable to explain fully flights problems or how the pilots reacted. ...
Safety Compliance
Safety Compliance Safety Compliance Introduction These days, airline safety is becoming more and more complex and controversial. Recently, for example it was discovered that most of the essential safety checks did not take place on time and schedule by the Southwest Airline due to which, they were fined millions of US Dollars by ...
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Aviation Administration Abstract The research paper aims to identify the fines issued by FAA against different commercial airlines and their impact on their performance related to the safety of the passengers. The research discusses the violations of the regulations established by FAA and the penalties imposed on commercial airlines. Furthermore, the ...
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