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Term Papers on Aviation

Almost all aviation students are required to submit term papers at the end of each term. However, this is not an easy task, as it requires thorough learning of the past literature on aviation. This section of Researchomatic, therefore, offers one of the biggest collections of term papers on aviation to assist students in getting quality literature. Aviation students from all around the world access these papers for secondary research.

Air Traffic Control
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Air Traffic Control (Next Generation) Good Or Bad? Air Traffic Control (Next Generation) Good Or Bad? Abstract Next Generation Air Transportation system (NextGen) of US, is under development phase. The main aim of the system is to replace the traditional radar and voice based aircraft tracking system, with the satellite ...
Air France Concorde Crash
Air France Concorde Crash Air France Concorde Crash Introduction A Concorde leaving for the Air France flight 4590 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to New York crashes into a hotel in Gonesse near Paris. The accident occurred at 4:44 p.m. is one minute and twenty-eight seconds after taking off from Roissy airport. None ...
Aircraft Accidents
AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS Human Error Causing Aircraft Accidents Human Error Causing Aircraft Accidents Introduction Human Error Investigations conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration into the causes of airline accidents showed that more than 70 percent involved some degree of human error (Muthard & Wickens, 2003) . Safety analysts have attempted to identify ...
How Haboob Affects Aviation And Pilot’s Visibility
How Haboob affects aviation and pilot's visibility Abstract The following paper focuses on storms, specifically Haboob (hebbe), how its is formed the process cycle where generally haboob occurs. How and why haboob affects the Aircrafts and pilots visibility. For this, I've researched on storm especially wind and sand storms, how they are ...
Aircraft Maintenance Management
AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT Aircraft Maintenance Management Table of Contents Abstract1 Introduction2 Maintenance Engineering3 Main Tasks Performed By Maintenance Engineers4 The Working Conditions for Maintenance Engineers5 Structure of M & E Organization6 Departments and Their Respective Workforce9 General Management9 Quality Department10 Quality Assurance Section/Domain11 Engineering and Maintenance Manger11 Head of Engineering12 Head of Aircraft Maintenance12 Conclusion13 References14 Abstract This paper details out the formation of a maintenance and engineering ...
Composite Aircraft
COMPOSITE AIRCRAFT Composite Aircraft Composite Aircraft Introduction Composite Aircraft comprised of various components craft. In the beginning, as a single aircraft, it takes off and flies by means of the mechanism capable to disconnect in flight and continue as unconventional aircraft. A significant level of interest has developed in recent years in ...
Ergonomics In The Aircraft
ERGONOMICS IN THE AIRCRAFT Ergonomics in the aircraft Ergonomics in the aircraft Introduction Ergonomics It is the branch of science that studies the human body movement while working, energy expenditure and performance of fundamental labor rights. Scope of ergonomics is quite wide: it covers the organization of workplaces, both production and domestic and industrial ...
Commercial Space Travel
COMMERCIAL SPACE TRAVEL Commercial Space Travel Commercial Space Travel Around 30 years ago, on 12 April 1981, the development of space ships took place which was designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) by the United States. It was not like its predecessors such as Apollo that could have ...
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