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Assignment on Internet

Internet is a growing field and it has been so since its advent. It is still in its growth phase and has great potential, which attracts students from all over the world. These students are required to do assignments on internet and related subjects, which may get difficult. Researchomatic therefore provides these students with a wide library of internet assignments for convenient research.

Online Learning & Business
ONLINE LEARNING & BUSINESS Online Learning & Business Abstract Technology over the recent past has changed the world completely, and today the world stands as a global village. In the context, of this paper an effort will be made to analyze online learning and online businesses through different perspectives. Table of Contents Abstracti Introduction1 Discussion1 Online Learning2 Benefits ...
Maintain Brand Image
MAINTAIN BRAND IMAGE Internet an Effective Way to Maintain Brand Image in the Hospitality Industry Internet an Effective Way to Maintain Brand Image in the Hospitality Industry Introduction The hospitality industry encompasses hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, and spas. Hospitality and tourism all over the world has turned to a sizeable industry, contributing a ...
Malware, Botnets And Ddos. Attacks On Bank Information Security And Personal Users.
Malware, Botnets and DDoS. Attacks on bank information security and personal users. Introduction Description of DDoS Attacks, malwarwe and Botnets Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of main threats to Internet security. Due to the spatio-temporal properties of the attack, it is possible to detect the attack at its early stage. ...
Social Networking
SOCIAL NETWORKING Social Networking Social Networking Introduction Quick and prompt exchange of information and ideas through social networks is rapidly becoming the custom in the online world. However, it may be that during this process, we will implicitly reveal much more than before, the data on our behalf, location or health. When the real ...
Cyber Attacks
CYBER ATTACKS Cyber Attacks Table of Contents Introduction1 Difference between Hackers and Crackers1 Discussion2 What Motivates Hackers?2 How Hacking is done?2 Cost and Impact of Cyber Security4 Effects on Individuals5 Effects on Economy and Organisation5 Social and Economic Impact5 Legal Schema7 Tools and methods of Hacking9 Some Hacking Techniques9 Why Catching Hackers is almost an Impossible Task?10 Brief Case Study11 Conclusion12 Securing Systems from Hacking12 References14 Bibliography15 Cyber Attacks Introduction Internet has become ...
Internet As Social Media
INTERNET AS SOCIAL MEDIA Internet as Social Media Internet as Social Media Introduction In the long and continuous journey of invention in the field of technology internet can be considered as the most remarkable and spectacular invention. The development and access to the internet in recent times has grown tremendously. Similarly, social networking ...
Factors Affecting Seo (Website Accessibility)
Factors Affecting SEO (Website Accessibility) Factors Affecting SEO (Website Accessibility) Introduction Considering the changes and the challenges that arise and are associated with the progress of digital marketing, it becomes evident that websites not only are an important source for tapping into the mind of consumer, but also has the ability to ...
Domain Name System (Dns)
DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM (DNS) Domain Name System (DNS) Domain Name System (DNS) Introduction Domain Name Systems (DNS - Domain Name Systems) are a form of distributed databases that are used by TCP/IP, for the purpose of mapping host names with the IP addresses. DNS is also used to route e-mail. We use ...
Domain Name System
DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM Domain Name System (DNS) Domain Name System (DNS) Domain Name System (DNS) The machines contained on the pages you see on the Internet, or managing mail services are identified by a number that is like the ID of this machine. This number called an IP address, and consists of ...
How Internet Has Changed My Daily Life
How Internet has changed my Daily Life How Internet has changed my Daily Life Introduction Technology has certainly revolutionized our lives by making it more interesting, convenient and simple. Progressive thinking calls for making a continuous progress in every aspect of life and runs on the basic philosophy of “the simpler, the better”. ...
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