Telehealth And The Impact On Health Care Cost In Diabetic Patients

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Telehealth and the impact on health care cost in diabetic patients


[Month Yera]Abstract

Telehealth is lying amid crumbling and future. Several analytic studies and analytical reviews accept been arise recently, but the after-effects are ambiguous and the accepting of telehealth interventions in analytic conveyance is slow. This commodity discusses some of the accepted problems accompanying to the accepting of telehealth systems and focuses on the admonition technology solutions that arise to be a lot of able for diabetes administering in the abreast future. Ambience awareness, user modelling, able dialogues, and chip admonition systems are presented. Some abeyant upcoming scenarios for the accepting of telehealth, which amalgamate atypical technologies and new authoritative models, are as well discussed. Aural those scenarios, telehealth may prove to be an acceptable apparatus to support health affliction providers in the able administering and blockage of diabetes mellitus. The analogue of telehealth is the use of telecommunications to support health care. Telehealth includes adapted chiral and bound estimation of accommodating abstracts for aftereffect and bactericide interventions. The capital purpose of this admission is to facilitate an advantageous alternation amid the accommodating and the health affliction provider in adjusting to achieve bigger research after-effects and lower research costs. The abstraction provides a greater absorption and representation of how things are controlled aural the telehealth patterns and how able it is in acceding of cyber banking aspects for the research of diabetic patients. The influence of health affliction cost from all aspects is advised and abundant in a consecutive manner.

Table of Content

Chapter I1

The problem/Situation1


Background of the problem/Situation2

Purpose of the study3

Questions to be answered4


Theoretical framework5

Definition of terms6

Scope of the study8

Chapter II10

Review of related literature10

Historical and general background10

Ronald M. Andersen's behavioural health service10

Thomas S. Kuhn's paradigm shift11

Odin Anderson's market minimized and market maximized continuum12

Milton Roemer's health care systems12

Porter and Teisberg's positive-sum competition model13

Historical overview14

Nursing home care16

In-home nursing care with skilled measures16

Telehealth in sanatorium care17

Communications in household services17

Resistance to Change18

Lack of information19

Financial resources19

Education and support20

Lagging behind of technological facilities20

Staffing and logistic issues20

Managing the change21

Lack of leadership21

Lack of regulation understanding22

Barrier of liability22

Current Development of Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)22

Concepts of diabetes referring to telehealth advancements24

Telehealth and the impacts on healthcare cost from current studies28


Significant studies30

Governmental Mandates and Inducements toward Conformity31

Economic Impact of Long-term Care32

Lessons Learned from the present Healthcare System35

Summary of literature reviewed36

Chapter III38

Methodology/ Procedures38

Research alignment38


Field procedures42


Data accumulating and recording procedures46

Data processing and research procedure48

Methodological assumptions48

Methodological limitations49

Ethical considerations49

Chapter IV51


How is telehealth applied to diabetes?51

What are the goals for using telehealth?52

What are the benefits of using telehealth?54

Are the goals of telehealth achieved for diabetes?56

What are barriers to adoption of telehealth?57

What are promising research opportunities in diabetes telehealth?59

Chapter V60

Summary, Conclusion, Recommendations60





Chapter I

The problem/Situation


Telehealth is the use of telecommunication in the supply of health casework to best bounded and added barriers by enabling provider-patient and provider consultation. In current years, there has been an accelerated amplification of the use of informatics, and specifically, telehealth that can be acclimated for health affliction supply to patients. Costs of analytical reviews of altered combinations of the 455 studies of the use of telehealth ...
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