The Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

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The Characteristics of an Effective Leader

The Characteristics of an Effective Leader


The focus of a winnig organizational leader is always on the goals and objectives of the organization. The others aspects of major concern for such leaders is to make employees capable of achieving their goals and operational objectives. They develop their skills and attitudes continuously and look forward for grabing opporutities in the business environment. They develop leadership skills in their employees at every stage of the organization. To execute such an effective tool, they have to develop and implement certain programs for their subordinates to develop their own skills. The leadership development process continues whole life of an individual. It has been observed that leaders continue to develop their attributes through effective learning and a thorough feedback processes. Such properties of an organizational workforce and environment account for moral development of the workforce of an organization. The consequences of these attributes go far more than attaining just operational excellence. In fact, this proves to be a mean for continuing growth and sustainable competitivenss of an organization in long run (Gill, 2007 ; Wenger, McDermott & Snyder, 2002).

The Essential Characteristics of a Proficient Leader

An efficient leader must possess characteristics such as; loyalty, commitment, honesty, care, hard work, dependability, leadership skills, intelligence, patience as well as a loving nature. It is a common observation that without the commitment of a leader to honesty, integrity, operational excellence, and openness, no efforts to managing organizational conflicts ans problems can succeed in an organization. Moreover, a leader who is true to his or her cause, will not only speak the truth, but will spend his or her life within a contextual alignment with the ethical principles. Furthermore, a leader who is comparatively more loving and caring by nature ultimately proves to be more dependable and capable of exhibiting better leadership skills as compared to others who lack these characteristics (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2002).

An Exemplary Leader

An exemplary proficient leader, whom I am familiar with, is Ms. Still, who is the Principal of my School. Owing to the character of her work, as a leader, she is mainly responsible for making decisions related to activities taking within the school premises and other activities which are directly or indirectly related to the performance or activities of the entire institute. In my opinion, she work harder than anyone else who I know. I believe that she possesses all the essential characteristics of an efficient leader which have been mentioned earlier. It is important for a leader to possess these notable characteristics because this helps them in becoming a role model for others to follow. The observation of her hard working nature and her remarkable support for the teachers makes me want to work harder to get increasingly better outcomes (Joiner & Josephs, 2007).

Few years back when I joined this institute, the mismanagement and the lack of administration was quite evident, however, over the years, Ms. Still has proved to be a remarkable leader with the efficient utilization of ...
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