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The parallel park is a vital skill to learn that makes a person able to park vehicle. Parallel parking refers to parking a car in the gap between two cars, and is an essential driving manoeuvre. It is comparatively simple to drive forward into the space than to drive reverse into the gap. The question arises here is whether the theory or practice is more effective in learning driving.

The phrase “intelligence” invoked up images of serious-minded professors, classroom and books. However, the actual learning is actually engages ballet studios, wrenches, and repairmen to explore the bicycle parts. Doing (Practice) and Thinking (Theory) are more effective when united. A driver needs some sort of guidelines in the form of theory before actual practice of driving. It is not a good idea to send a driver directly to practice, the probability of accident or death increases. A person can apply the procedure or guidelines of driving before went for driving practice rather than solely based his learning on theory or practice.

The key teaching points of driving facilitate the audience in understanding: it would unsafe, convenient or legal to carry out this manoeuvre; brake in an appropriate place next to the car, aim to park at the back and immediately choose reverse gear to warn other street intentions' users; give details about hazards that the vehicle there as take on this manoeuvre; evaluate when a person can take left turn and unbend the wheels to allow driver to reverse the car toward the 45 degree kerb angle; create significant observational check all through the manoeuvre and particularly earlier than taking turn, safely; judge when steer to the right while making wheels straight to allow driver to reverse next to and equivalent to the kerb; properly deal with other drivers; and complete the manoeuvre surrounded by two car length from the parked vehicle back in front and from the kerb about less than half a metre.

Expectation & Experience

Early than starting a project, researcher makes plan and set timeframe for the project, as timelines is of great importance. In this project everything is going smoothly and suddenly my project delays for about 6 to 8 weeks mainly because of bad climate. Weather disruptions cannot be controlled. However, such natural climate disruptions were not ...
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