The Impact On My World

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The Impact on My World

The Impact on My World


Global market can be defined as an institute that lets people trade services and goods by charging prices. Previously, markets were located in some physical locations restricting the number of people who could be at the marketplace at a given time. The concept of the global market connected to the idea of economical globalization, term that proposes a procedure leading towards linkage of economic factors where ever they are present physically on the globe. Global market place requires that the market is no more needed to be located at a physical location, but it is a virtual system of trade using technologies to link different clients. United States as a country takes pride in providing options; it gives options to people to buy whatever they like and want. Food selections are no different. People plan a meal and seek out the items on the list, or select from what is available and plan a meal around those selections. People rarely think about where the choices originated. Some of the purchases may originate here in the United States, while others come from outside our borders. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage (Keegan & Green, 2010).

Question 1.

The two selected meals are breakfast and lunch components of each meal would be:

Breakfast: French toast, and milk with necessary items such as glass for milk, and dish, knife and fork for French toast.

Lunch: Pizza and including components same as mentioned above.

Components' Origin

French toast: French toast originated from France and is a common breakfast food throughout North America. French toast composed of egg, butter and sugar. The eggs and butter were purchased from a local dairy farm which is situated in United States, whereas, sugar imported and it came from Brazil.

Milk: Human consumption of animal milk began about 11,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock during the so called climatic optimum. The first animal to be domesticated was the cow, then the goat, about the same time, and finally the sheep. The Milk that was part of the breakfast was produced locally, so it also belonged to United States.

Knives, fork, and dish: Plate is a part of crockery, and crockery derived from the idea of pottery. Before using metals and plastic to make cutlery, clay had been used to make it. The oldest cutlery was a knife. Over time, the ...
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