The Noble Profession Of Nursing

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The noble profession of nursing

The noble profession of nursing


Nursing is one the most valued, noble and honorable professions in the world. It is the only profession in which a person does not think or care about the monetary gains and care solely and wholly for the benefit and gain of the people who are sick and unwell. Nurses and doctors save millions of lives daily and although it is true that people in this profession are supposed to 'assist God with his plans in saving lives', it is a matter of pride to be a part of the Almighty's army on Earth, meant to heal and protect the innocent. From the beginning of time, professions have been created and some have diminished with time. With the change in time and the shape of the world, new professions were created and people took up different roles in the society. However, the job of a doctor (known as a healer in medieval times) has always been one of the most respected jobs. Even in prehistoric times, healers and doctors were given utmost respect and Kings/Emperors would adorn them with riches and jewels (The American Nurses Association, Inc, 2012).

Personal Reflection

They say a person's most important step in life is marriage. I believe otherwise. The most important step in a person's life, according to me, is the time when your child is born. The journey that begins from that moment onwards changes your life completely and shows you an entirely different meaning to the word 'life'. When I married my husband (the most loving, caring and amazing person I have ever met), I thought I was the most blessed person who has ever lived. Life was good and after some time we decided to start our own little family. Although my pregnancy went ...
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