The True Message Of Jesus About His Identification And Death

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The True Message of Jesus about His Identification and Death

The True Message of Jesus about His Identification and Death

Summary Statement -Luke 9:18-27

Disciples of Jesus; who denied themselves, took their cross daily and followed Jesus; are the righteous people who will be successful.


In this term paper, I am going to interpret verses 14-27 from Luke, chapter 9. The aim of this paper is to reflect the true message of Jesus about His identity and His death. Apart from this, I will also highlight the verses in which Jesus has explicitly mentioned that the true success lies in following Him. Those who will die will eventually survive in a real sense.

Meaning of Luke 9:23

“If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me”.

This verse clearly states that the true followers of Jesus will have following three qualities:

Deny Yourself

Jesus mentioned in the bible that his followers will think about the well -being of the society and not about their own wellbeing. They will keep aside all the material desires in order to spread the truth. They will Trust Jesus, who is the Messiah of God and follow him.

Take the Cross with Him Daily

This means that the followers of Jesus will believe in Him and God's message completely. They will trust Jesus only and will believe that he is spreading the right message of God. They have faith that Jesus is the Messiah but, at that time, Jesus did not want to claim in front of the public that He is the Messiah of God.

Follow Me

The observers of Jesus will always follow him even if they have to die, because they believe that only right path is the one which Jesus has shown. They have compromised their careers, and they do not have a good ...
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