Two Powerful Woman Of America

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Two Powerful Woman of America

Two Powerful Woman of America

Jane Addams


Jane Addams was a feminist, pacifist and social worker who in 1931 became the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Jane Addams was born in Illinois in a family of nine children. Her father was a local politician who for sixteen years served as senator and fought in the Civil War. She was a friend of Abraham Lincoln. After graduating from Rockford College for Women College for Women, Jane Addams traveled to Europe. During a trip to London, accompanied by she friend Ellen G.Starr, visited the community center Toynbee Hall. So the idea of ??opening a similar center in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Chicago emerged. In 1889 they founded Hull House, the first community center in the country, providing services to the Chicago community. Jane Addams stated that "private beneficence is totally inadequate to deal with the huge number of disinherited of the city." her lectures and talks on the needs of the neighborhood, raised money, convinced women of the richest to care for sick children and listened to the most disadvantaged families.

Involvement in Civil Issues

As her reputation grew, Jane Addams became more involved in civic issues. In 1908 she participated in the founding of the School of Civics and Philanthropy in Chicago and the following year became the first woman president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections (National Conference of Charities and Corrections Organizations). She led a major reform movement which allowed the Illinois legislature enacted laws to protect women, children and immigrants at the end of the century. Their efforts had national impact, which led to the enactment of a federal child labor law in 1916. Its main aim was to rid the world of the threat of war: "I believe that peace does not involve only the absence of war but also the care of human life, and in due time, this care will end the war as part of a natural process.”She gave a lot of conferences, taught at the university and wrote articles and books on peace. She publicly opposed the U.S. involvement in World War II, so I was she avidly criticized by the press. Jane Addams was the president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom until 1929 and remained as honorary president for the rest of her life. In 1931 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and died a few years later.

Social work done by pioneers of Settlement House Movement

In 1899, Addams and Starr came back to United States and rented a house which was wrecked in manifestation; it was spotted on the corner of Halstead and Polk lanes. The chateau was named as "Hull House" after the definitive manager as it was the first settlement house in the nation. The mission of settlement house was excessively explored and enhances the conditions on Chicago's mechanical regions while working as the focal point purpose of social and community life in the neighborhood which involves ...
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