Water Global Human Needs

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Water Global Human Needs

Water Global Human Needs

Scope and Boundaries

The research will consist of many phases in which, the details will be provided that how the water is being harm, and what are the main factors that are involved in polluting the water. However the research will follow the methodology in which questionnaires will be prepared, however the answers will be kept in consideration of availability of the literature. Secondly the case studies only represent responses from a number of people who may not have sufficient, reliable or authentic information. Not only the limited information obtained from both sources makes it very difficult for the research but makes the reader aware that the research tries to draw the most authentic and relevant conclusion to the problem. Additionally, financial and time constraints restricted the scope and depth of the research which could include many more variables and elicit information from a larger population to be able to come up with a much stronger finding. Thus in further research it is recommended to include the Water footprint accounting, Water footprint sustainability assessment, and Water footprint response formulation, which can be useful in order to assess the sustainability of using the fresh water.

Rationale behind Choosing the Topic

The purpose of choosing this topic relates with the documentary that I saw, that is Planet Earth. It is a pioneer nature documentary series by BBC made in the year 2006. This documentary narrated by David Attenborough is aimed at displaying the diversity of mother earth. The movie suggests that fresh water is only 3 percent of the total water on earth. This makes water one of the most precious natural resources of the world. This is one resource that humans and animals are both dependent on. The shape of the earth is determined by water. This water is what makes the most scenic views of the world. The gorges, the waterfalls and valleys of the world could not have been possible without this water. I was very much shocked that there is a very little amount of fresh water available on the earth, thus, how it can be reached to the human and animals. This is the reason which made me think and choose this topic for my research.

A Brief Overview

Water is the major resource for people and the environment. Approximately 70% of the Earth surface is covered by water. We are continuously wasting, polluting the available fresh water and not realizing its importance. The availability of fresh water should be given importance, as one of every six person is access to clean and pure water. Water pollution is an uprising issue prevailing in this 21st century. Water pollution is affecting the drinking water, rivers, lakes and oceans (Doney, 2006). This issue is prevailing worldwide. Water pollution is harming the environment and human health (Mitchell, 2001). The sources for water pollution vary region to region. Water pollution can come from a single source and can be caused by a number of sources. The affect of pollution vary in ...
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