Water Use Of Typical American Family And Solutions For Reduction

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Water use of typical American Family and solutions for reduction

Water use of typical American Family and solutions for reduction


One resource from the very precious resources is water. However, many do not understand the value of water or appreciate water's value until its shortage. According to the USGS, U.S. Geological Survey, “the United States as a Nation possesses abundant water resources and has developed and used those resources extensively.” As users and consumers, we must look after for the use of water efficiency, must be skilled managers today, and teach the future, upcoming generations about the importance of water. Every member of a family should be very focused and conservative about the efficient water use.


Water consumption is associated with the immediate human needs of drinking water needed for daily life, hygiene and others in the household, plus the right amount for the sectors in agriculture, industry and services. Thus, water consumption is not only a measure directly for the required water quantity, but also for waste disposal. Moreover, in the products we consume is hidden a quantity of water needed for food production.

In several of our main economic and recreational activities, water is critical for the health of both ecological and humans systems. Virtually in everything, we do and make, water is used, and neither animals nor plants can survive without it. By the industries, it the most widely used resource. To produce energy, it is used in both direct and indirect ways. It provides the basis for much of our outdoor recreation. For our transportation network, it is an essential part. It also provides amenity and cultural values. Thus, the quality of life and life itself depends upon the adequate supply of fresh water.

Use of water by typical American Family and solutions for reduction

Outdoor Water Use

A four member American family can consume up to 400 gallons per day and, 30% of it is used for outdoor uses. For watering gardens and lawns, more than half of the water is used from that of outdoor use. Nationwide, more than 7 billion gallons per day in total is estimated for landscape irrigation to account for almost one-third of all the residential water use. Other residential outdoor uses include driveways, cleaning sidewalks, swimming pools maintenance and washing of automobiles.

Depending upon the season, geographical location and largely as a result of the differences in climate, use of water varies. Withdrawals of water for landscaping and irrigation in the drier regions of southwest and west are highest, where population Growth is often greatest.

Experts have estimated that up to 50 percent of water used in irrigation is wasted due to runoff caused by overwatering, wind or evaporation. There are some water inefficiencies cause water waste, but there are solutions to reduce it and produce impressive results.

Many people often water their lawns for too long and too often, over-saturating plants. To water grass every day, it is not necessary. Instead, if grass springs back by stepping on the pitch, it does not need water and, people should ...
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