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Website Design

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Question 1.14

Web Development4

Question 2.14

Major Areas Involved in Web Development4


Current Site Technology6

E-Business Order Processing6


?Management of Content7

?Social Media8


Question 2.29

Web Usability9

Old Age People and Web Usability10

Teenagers and Web Usability10

Children /Kids and Web Usability11

User Testing13

Methods of Inspection13

Question 3.115

Purpose of Website15

Question 4.119

Evaluation of Website19

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Question 4.320






Webstie Design


Our world is advancing at very fast pace, new software, webs and other inventions are being made. These advancements are not made spontaneously; it requires detailed study, assessment, survey and analysis of various influencing factors that may alter the design. The field of web development is also among those fields that are advancing and changing at every second. This essay focuses on web development; it also considers major influential factors or parameters that may affect the design of the web directly or indirectly. This paper pays special attention towards the variation in web usability with age. Furthermore, it also emphasizes towards user experience and usability aspects.

Microsoft Corporation is known as world leading multinational software company, operating from all around the globe. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975 by Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen, and its headquarter is situated in Redmond, Washington (Heimlich & Wang, 1999). The company is known for producing innovative licensed software, and other computer related products and services to its valuable customers. According to the CEO of the company, employees of our company, get pleased by evaluating the response from the customers regarding their products, and get motivated to enhance their performance, by producing excellent product and services for the company. Microsoft business is divided into eight categories including online service division, server and tools business, Microsoft business solution, windows phone division, Skype, Microsoft interactive business environment.

Question 1.1

Web Development

Web development” is a vast expression for the effort included in developing a web site for the “Internet” (World Wide Web) or may be an “Intranet” (a private network) (Conte et al., 2007, p. 146-155). Development of website may extend from advancing the easiest static single page of plain content to the most unpredictable web-based internet requisitions, electronic organizations, and informal organization administrations (Guide, 2006). A more thorough rundown of undertakings to which web development ordinarily alludes, might could be web plan, web content development, customer contact, customer side/server-side scripting, web server and network security design, and e-business development. Around web experts, "web development" typically alludes to the principle non-plan parts of building web locales: composing markup and coding (Chadwick et al., 2004, p. 1391-1394).

For bigger associations and organizations, web development groups can comprise of many individuals (web engineers) (Conte et al., 2007, p. 146-155). Smaller associations might just require a solitary lasting or contracting webmaster, or optional duty to identified work positions, for example a visual architect or data frameworks specialist. Web development may be a shared exertion between divisions instead of the space of a designated office.

Question 2.1

Major Areas Involved in Web Development

Ans- The Development of a website may be split into four typical areas. These areas are further divided into several ...
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