Top Three Factors That Influence the Health of The Community

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Top Three Factors That Influence the Health of The Community

A community as defined by a United States government is a group of people living in a defined geographical area and sharing common values, culture and norms. Not only this but they are also arranged in a social structure that is developed by the community and might also be In 21st century, public and its health issues are the most important point for any community to take responsibility of (Gillies, 1998). According to the research, chronic diseases are the most commonly found amongst societies such as obesity, diabetes, cancer etc. These problems usually effect the minorities and poor communities as it is difficult to afford the health care for them and especially the impoverish people of third world countries are effected the most. In order to tackle this, “local health departments” (LHD) have made various approaches and a broad spectrum of strategies in order to promote health and build a community capacity to increase awareness (Turnock, 1994).

The economic and social environment

The physical environment

The behavior and characteristic of individuals.

Factors Affecting Community Health

The department of health asked the health institute to establish health guidance for public on community development and community engagement approaches in order to improve health issues. Not only various health organization but World health organization (WHO) of United Nations also emphasized on health issues and recognized the importance of community development and community engagement (Wallerstein, 2006). sCommunity development and community engagement are two different terms. It was difficult to distinguish between these two terms therefore an umbrella term was use instead known as community engagement which fitted for describing for both of the terms. There are various factors which combine together to impact the individual's health or the health of communities. Whether individuals living in the particular society are healthy ...
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