Health Care Planning Exercise

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Health Care Planning Exercise

Health Care Planning Exercise


Assessing the strengths and those that should improve in a given community is an important first step planning a service project effectively. By devoting time to in- formed on the problems of the community, the club may des- cover new opportunities for service initiatives undertaken and avoid unnecessary issues to be addressed. Assessing the community is a very important and valuable strategy that one can use to get a clear and transparent picture of one's community (Fottler & Heaton 2002). This thing will assist a person in categorizing the problems of the community and highlight them in a proper way. This thing will also function as the initial point for the development of communal vision and strategies that can help in encouraging change in a community. The tool of community assessment helps a person to collect information from a number of different souls and groups within the community; i.e. different types of information will depend on the focus of partnership's and resources that a person can use to collect information. In this report, I will discuss my findings in the process of community assessment of Englewood community in Chicago, Illinois.


The report has the following objectives:

Provide a historical, demographic and socio-economic introduction to the Englewood community

Provide a community health profile for the Englewood community

Compare values for Englewood against other communities

Determine the major gaps in healthcare service delivery (and health-related social service delivery)

Determine the top three health priorities for the Englewood community

Provide conclusions and recommendations on how you will act upon the requests of the Women & Children's team and the Geriatric team

Historical, demographic and socio-economic introduction to the Englewood community

Immigrant Indians were the first inhabitants of the area that now represents Englewood. The land has remained swampy meadow for most of its time. The U.S. government declared and documented this part habitual in the year 1840. As Chicago became a busy city with countless railroads, Englewood started turning into a support neighbour for the labour and less affluent class. However, an 1871 fire in Chicago, which destroyed a large part of the city, led to a high migration to this neighbourhood. Chicago made Englewood a peaceful and convenient location, and the population started to grow. Later, Englewood was annexed to Chicago city in 1889. Englewood is known for Dr. HH Holmes, one of the most brutal serial murders in American history. Englewood was the home of Dr. HH Holmes, one of the first American serial murderers. Today, it has been suggested that Englewood is making attempts to gentrify. Currently, many buildings are falling apart and the 43% of residents live below the poverty line. Over 700 murders have occurred in only 10 years (Klinenberg 2002).

Over the last few decades, Englewood has been steadily losing population and businesses. During the 1970s and 1980s Englewood's main shopping district struggled after the loss of its anchor stores - Sears and Wiebolt's - and the area's housing deteriorated. During the 1990s, Mayor Daley established a $256 million revitalization ...
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