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How Radical changes at Xerox contributed to its Quality Business Management

How Radical changes at Xerox contributed to its Quality Business Management


The firm "Xerox" it is this one of the largest U.S. companies, whose products are in the world. It is one of the leading places in the world for the production of high precision and high-quality electronic equipment for home and office. The Xerox story has rise, fall and revival of "Xerox" and is not known by a lot. It was founded by Chester Carlson, since then the company has undergone numerous partnerships, one of which was between Xerox and Fuji which was established in 1962, the joint venture proven successful for both parties and brought out the best of them together. Initially, Xerox required to enter the Japanese local market, where Xerox had management know how, skill and resource and Fuji had local market knowledge, channel and distribution with operational skills, the venture was extremely successful until the rival party started sharing the market, marking the negative phase for Xerox. In the late 1980's Xerox worked on its self and brought a new “Quality Management Program” which restored Xerox in the market. In the following report, a comprehensive study on Xerox quality management is done.


Xerox is successful because of it has changed its strategies and mended the way it works, and because of this measure, it has developed a strong position and brand value among the customers.

Xerox took significant management changes in the 1980's, with changing its market strategy and bringing in a new kind of management, which later turned out in their excellent quality management program. Their new program, also called “Leadership through quality”, against the Japanese competitors, set new quality standards for the market. The new program was expected to improve productivity and increase revenue through quality orientated strategy. Before the company, had implemented this new era of management, the company was experience difficulties, and had successful partnerships. This new philosophy is based completely on the quality at every level of company's activity, including the final product. Its starts, with the management of the employees, up till the company delivers, the final result of their work, Xerox products. The final product, are then evaluated, from the customer objective perspective. The main factor that is taken into account is, total customer satisfaction, basically, customers are made the quality control team, of the company here. The idea, behind this reflects their sophisticated quality management program. The main change that, this concept brought to the company was that, it has taken the company from the production based, to a customer based company. The new quality management program at Xerox includes principles, which are applicable to all, company employees and directors,

1. Strong customer focus,

2. Employee's entrepreneurial spirit,

3. Market integration through focus and quality control,

The customer satisfaction becomes the criterion of evaluation of the work, company has produced, and the main orientation of the company is to, continue integration with the top quality of their products and customer ...
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