Academic Essay On Solutions For Developing Countries

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Academic Essay on Solutions for Developing Countries

Academic Essay on Solutions for Developing Countries


The problem of developing countries is one among the global challenges of special place in importance and extent of such issues is the problem in overcoming the backwardness of the developing countries. This problem exists in most of the countries of the world, hence it has become as a global issue. But the problem of the backwardness of the former colonies cannot be reduced to the quantitative side of the case (one of the countries that are in need and the people living on the brink of starvation and poverty). It's not only that, but the growing internal tensions in Asia, Africa and Latin America can become serious, and sometimes quite unexpected consequences occur for these countries and for mankind as a whole. The problem of underdevelopment in developing countries is closely intertwined with the population, food, raw materials, energy, environmental, and other problems, and, above all, with the main task of mankind - peace on Earth. This essay focuses on the solutions for developing countries (Adam & Szirmai)


Developing countries have diversely been named backward, underdeveloped, third world. In spite of the differences in income, values, and culture from one nation to the other, there are some common characteristics of developing countries, such as, nation with a low living standard, undeveloped industrial base, and low human rights development index in relative to other countries. People have wrongly linked miserable living conditions with developing countries for example, some people from developed countries convinced that most of developing countries are starving people. There are some solutions provided by developed countries to improve developing countries, foreign aid. There are different kinds of foreign aid: humanitarian aid, development aid, and food aid. Humanitarian aid or emergency aid is a prompt assistance provided by ...
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