Academic Honesty

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Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty


In this study we try to explore the concept of Academic Honesty in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on Academic Honesty and its relation with the behavior of students. The research also analyzes many aspects of Academic Honesty and tries to gauge its effect on success of students.

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Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty


The success of any academy is dependent on strenuous individual and group efforts to make the academy progress intellectually. The academic measure of a college career is based on the level of knowledge, skills and intellectual maturity, which is achieved during completion of a degree program. The fundamental element of a successful college experience is to maintain the honesty and integrity of an academy. Without a commitment to honesty and integrity, students will not be able to achieve true academic success (McCabe et al. 1993: 529).

Students must be held responsible for various factors such as plagiarism, cheating on assignments, or other forms of academic dishonesty. It is the responsibility of faculty and academic affairs to maintain standards of academic honesty (Hall et al. 1998: 10).


One of the most significant factors, while looking at academic honesty, is the reflection of academic honesty on the person. It helps the person to define who he is. Also, it helps to define that what kind of person will he be in future, what kind of employee he will be and what contributions he will be making to the society (Staats et al. 2008: 364).

It is rightly said that although people will claim to be honesty, they will cross the boundary when it comes to self prevention or furthering their career or education. A recent study (on employed MBA) concluded that cheating in schools and unethical behavior at work is highly correlated to each other. Therefore, it can be said that when it comes to hunger for success, society pushes people to be the best of the best, no matter what the cost would be for such unethical behaviors (McCabe et al. 1993: 529).

Everyone tries to outdo all others that hinder their success and achievements, whether it is about the best grade in the class, or to get a job promotion, or to have the biggest house on the block, people try to achieve it at the cost of dishonesty. It has changes the concept ...
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