The Importance Of Academic Honesty

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The Importance of Academic Honesty

The Importance of Academic Honesty


This paper intends to discuss the importance of academic honesty in the higher education. Academic dishonesty is increasingly growing in today's electronic age. Students in order to achieve appropriate results are certainly tempted by 'cheating' greater than ever. Academic accountability needs to be focusing more on creating students with higher educational integrity. Further, plagiarism has become one of the most important tools of academic dishonesty. A brief discussion on how students can avoid the incidences of plagiarism will be provided in this paper.


Students need to depict qualities of being honest to their education. Academic integrity is one of the most important qualities every student must possess. However, in today's world despite of having so many facilities, academic dishonesty is growing. Students have all the necessary electronic media at their disposal but rather than utilizing it in a positive manner, students are normally opting for doing wrongful things which comes under the category of 'academic dishonesty.'

I believe it is the core responsibility of educators to foster the academic honesty in the students from the beginning. At the level of higher education, it becomes increasingly important for students to realize the importance of being honest to their education and careers ahead. Academic integrity plays a significant role in student's learning at higher education levels.

I believe higher education leads towards one's career and thus the future of our economy and society. Higher education must be able to teach students the importance of academic integrity which they must take with themselves into their careers. For example, if a student somehow becomes doctor by fraudulent means, he will be playing with the nation's life one day. Patients have the right to get treated by honest professionals, not those who have been dishonest in obtaining their ...
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