African American Culture

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African American Culture

African American Culture


The African-American culture in the world emerged as a very popular culture. This culture is a mix of American and African study. In this paper we study the articles on African American culture and make study on its behalf. The article discusses the music and role of women in African American culture. While rooted in minstrel traditions, that is, racist images of blacks created by whites, the pimp was a product of a cultural shift in which blacks became active participants in creating these images. In fact, by the late 1980s, the pop culture pimp maintained much of his stereotypical identity and was perpetuated proudly by black creators through rap music.


The global influence of rap music further catapulted the word 'pimp' to a colloquial popular culture reference. This study explores the factors that contributed to the emergence and popularity of the black pimp image, particularly in film and literature around 1970. An in-depth analysis of prominent pop culture pimps featured in two popular books: Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim (1969) and Whoreson by Donald Goines (1971); and three movies: The Mack (1973), Willie Dynamite (1974), and Candy Tangerine Man (1975) present the historical evolution, profile and influence of the pimp image. It concludes that despite the abuse of black women and criminal intent of the pimp, black audiences celebrated the illusion of victory over white oppression that the pimp projected. Ironically, rappers who were profitable music-business commodities adopted the pimp image in the 1980s within a white-owned pop culture institution that encouraged black artists to project the immoral pimp persona for the same reason.

Following its victory in the Second World War, America paradoxically faced a period of prosperity and peace coupled with many underlying insecurities and tensions. There was a great deal of anxiety caused by the advent of the atom bomb, the great destruction of Europe during the war, and the growing fear of Soviet aggression. Just as there had been an effort to unite Americans against the earlier threats of German and Japanese hostility, Americans attempted to create a united front in the United States to combat the growing fear of Communism throughout the world. Along with a growing sense of conformity, technological advances, increased nationalism and economic growth helped to strengthen the middle class in the United States.

Contrary to statistics and stereotypical messages, education is valued within the African American community, especially among African American women who have endured the double bondage of race and gender. These women demonstrate learning resilience at every level of the education system. In fact, the work of this dissertation is to report the results of a qualitative study of a group of African American women from five generations. I will show how these gutsy, brave women overcame a variety of hurdles and met their educational objectives in spite of their circumstances. Their stories convey a resolve to move forward in their learning even when the education system ...
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